“Thank you so much for this podcast. I’m a married gay man that only accepted my sexuality within the last year, at 58 years old. I resigned my membership in the church of my birth after realizing I was gay. I couldn’t bare the guilt and shame inflicted on me growing up and continue to inflict on their LGBTQ youth. I haven’t been active since I returned from my mission, so it wasn’t a great sacrifice, but I felt it was necessary. I just wanted you both to know how much I enjoy listening to both of you. Thanks”


“Wow, just wow. i usually don’t feel the spirit this strong unless someone shares a really inspiring testimony on fast Sunday or I’m in the Temple. I just want to thank the host for opening up about her life and experiences and Miguel for going forward with this idea.”

Laura responds to feedback from some of the Ask a Mormon Lesbian Podcast.

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    Laura lives in Boise, Idaho with her 2 dogs, cat, and several chickens. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, nordic skiing, reading, and travel. Laura is single and ready to mingle.

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