Over here at Rational Faiths, we are excited the launching of a new podcast series.  It will be much like our popular podcast series, “Ask a Mormon Sex Therapist,” with Dr. Finlayson-Fife.   Mitch Mayne will be the host of the new series, ASK A GAY MORMON GUY, and he will take questions from our podcast listeners and blog readers.  So here is how it works:

Much like with  Dr. Finlayson-Fife, straight, gay, lesbian, queer, bishops, stake presidents, transgender, relief society presidents, are encouraged to submit questions to Mitch.  Mitch will then take two or three questions and with his co-hosts give some advice, as a gay Mormon.  There are two ways to submit your questions:

  1. Leave a question here. Because they will appear on this blog post, anonymity can be a problem.
  2. Send the questions to the following email address: askgaymormonguy@gmail.com  By using the email, your anonymity will be honored.

So, let’s get some questions in so we can get this ball rolling!!!!


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