We’ve all seen the Mormon memes.  I mean, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ memes where the word “Mormon” has been dropped from things in which we are accustomed to seeing the word, “Mormon.”  And you all have to admit, they are a little funny.

President Nelson’s Sunday morning General Conference talk, The Correct Name of the Church, got me thinking.  Has President Nelson ever spoken on this subject before and have there ever been disagreements, among General Authorities, with regards to the use of the word, “Mormon?”

As I dug around, I found some interesting information.  I have edited three talks, two from Russell M. Nelson and one from Gordon B. Hinkley to explore this question.

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  • I was only able to embed the Youtube video into this podcast.

While listening or watching, here are some thoughts:

  • Do any of the speakers make a direct reference to the other speaker’s talk?
  • Do any of the speakers make an indirect reference to the other speaker’s talk, which would perhaps would only be noticed by those with a long institutional memory?
  • Do any of the speakers echo what they have said in previous talks?\
  • There is a history of apostles publicly disagreeing with each other or with the President of the Church.
  • Orson Pratt publicly disagreed with Brigham Young regarding the Adam God Doctrine.
  • B.H. Roberts and John Widstoe publicly disagreed with Joseph Fielding Smith regarding evolution.
  • Could the talks of Gordon B. Hinkley and Russell M. Nelson be a public disagreement regarding the use of the word, “Mormon?”


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