Christian Literature (According to Raymond Brown, Introduction to the New Testament [New York: Doubleday, 1997])
Apostolic Fathers based on Ehrman’s Loeb editions and Clayton Jefford’s Reading the Apostolic Fathers Lost Sources

Lost Sources
Writings of the Jerusalem Church? Other letters by Paul, including perhaps some to Jews

Sources Embedded in Present books
Testimonia Collections (very early 30s)

Pre-canonical Passion Narrative (30s)

Miracle stories Controversy stories, etc.

Sayings source in Matthew and Luke (Q)


John’s Gospel of Signs and Discourse Sources

Book Date (CE) Province
1 Thessalonians c. 50 Corinth
Galatians 54-55 Ephesus
Philemon 55 Ephesus
Philippians 56 Ephesus
1 Corinthians 56/57 Ephesus
2 Corinthians mid 57 Macedonia
*Didache 1-10, 16 50-60s? Palestine?
Romans 57/58 Corinth
2 Timothy late 60s? Rome?
Mark 68-73 Rome?
1 Peter 70-90 Rome
Matthew 80-90 Antioch
Luke c. 85 Syria?
Acts c. 85 Syria?
Colossians 80s Ephesus
Hebrews 80s Jerusalem? Rome?
James 80s-90s Palestine?
Revelation 92-96 Asia Minor, author fr. Palestine
Ephesians 90s Ephesus?
John 90-95? Ephesus
1 Clement mid 90s Rome
Jude 90-100? Palestine?
*Shepherd 1-24 90-100? Rome
2 Thessalonians end 1st cent.   ?
1 Timothy 80-100
Titus 80-100
1 John c. 100
2 John c. 100
3 John shortly after 100
Ignatius c. 110 Antioch, Smyrna, Troas
Polycarp to Philippians 110-120? Smyrna
Didache 110-120 Antioch?
Papias 110-140 Phrygia
Shepherd 100-150 Rome
Quadratus   c. 125?
Barnabas c. 130 Alexandria?
2 Peter 130s Rome?
2 Clement 140s? Corinth? Egypt?
Martyrdom of Polycarp c. 155 Smyrna
Epistle to Diognetus 150-200?

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