In the beginning of August of this year I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Sunstone symposium which is a Mormon conference that I look forward to attending every year. One of the many reasons that I love the conference is that it is one of the few times you get to see such a diverse group of Mormons gathered together in the same building. Many from the Bloggernacle, Mormon podcast communities (which Michael Barker refers to as the Blabbernacle), Mormon Studies, and world of online Mormonism all gather together to discuss the topic of Mormonism.

Realizing that there would be so many of my favorite people attending, I decided to do short interviews with individuals at the conference. I was able to interview 34 fascinating people and thus I had to break it up into 3 parts. You can find the first episode that we did at
Diverse Mormons Part 1 This is the second part and I am thrilled for you to get to hear it.

In this episode I have the pleasure of sharing the interviews that I did with Lindsay Hansen Park, John Hamer, Lavina Fielding Anderson, Alan Rock Waterman, Richard Dutcher, Mary Ellen Robertson, Lisa Butterworth, Bill Russell, Paul Toscano, Michael Marquardt, Tom Kimball, and Russell Osmond. The Questions asked were as follows. 1) Please state your name, tell a little bit about yourself, and plug any of the projects that you would like to publicize. 2) How long have you been attending Sunstone, and why do you believe it is beneficial to attend these types of conferences? 3) If you couldn’t be Mormon, what would you be? 4) What is one of your favorite aspects about Mormonism? 5) If you had to provide a critique against Mormonism, what would it be?

We would love to hear you thought in regards to the podcast episode, but we would also love to hear your answers to these questions, which you can share in the comment section below. Thank you so much for listening.

Brian Kissell has a deep love for Mormon podcasts, as they have been an extremely influential tool for him as he has traveled on this wonderful faith journey within the Mormon World. He believes in big tent Mormonism, and is interested in recognizing better ways to value and increase diversity, while simultaneously increasing our ability as a culture for differing individuals to talk to each other in more productive and healthy ways. Brian is also the host of a few other podcasts. One of these is a short faithful devotional podcast centered around Mormon quotes which can be found at Another is a psychology podcast which can be found at

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