Did first-century Jews wear underwear?
Did people from the Bible view skin color in a racist way?
Did Peter immedialty interpret his vision as meaning the Gospel was for the Jew and Gentile?
Why were the Gentiles getting the Holy Ghost before they were being baptized?

All these questions and more are discussed in this episode of the CES Podcast with Dr. Sheldon Greaves and Mike Barker.

Welcome to episode 16 of ¬†Rational Faiths’ podcat series, The CES Podcast (for the rest of us), with Bible scholar, Dr. Sheldon Greaves and his co-host, Michael Barker. Dr. Greaves and Mike Barker will be looking at this year’s seminary and institute curriculum, which covers the New Testament, and will be distilling a week’s worth of lessons and readings down to a half hour podcast. Episode 16 will cover Acts chapters 6-12.

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– Dr. Greaves and Mike

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