The Top 27 of the Best of the Worst Comments Regarding Pantsapalooza

Dec 25, 12 The Top 27 of the Best of the Worst Comments Regarding Pantsapalooza


Credit to Liffey Banks

The list is in no type of hierarchical order.  They all are just super horrible.   The misspellings were maintained from the original postings.  Props to my good friend Garrett Hall who provided me with nearly all of these quotes:

    1. “As a Melchizedek priesthood holder…. I call on this page’s creators, who profess to be active members of God’s kingdom, to immediately shut this page down and wear pants if they want to on Sunday”
    2. “…So be a lady. Suck it up and put a skirt on. It’s not going to kill you. Pinky promise :)”
    3. “they are obviously not truly converted”
    4. “Trading in your dress for a pants suit is gonna make it even harder for you gals to land a husband. Just saying…”
    5. “If you’re going to wear pants, they might as well get penis implants too, to make them even MORE masculine.”
    6. “Was this page created by lesbians? Just curious…”
    7. “When you witness the rebellion of women (this event is a perfect example) and you consider that Eve was more easily beguiled than Adam, it becomes apparent that, in His wisdom, God had made the decions He has regarding women and the priesthood.”
    8. “If you man haters can’t stand to wear skirts to church, then start your own church. It’s a dress code like they have in the workplace, high school, military etc. I’m sorry if you’ve let men walk all over you but you ladies need to find other ways to raise your self-esteem.”
    9. “…I don’t care what all you wicked people say…Truth exists without believers. I would worry about your selfish selves!!!!”
    10. “Omg, like rly?? These women should be excommunicated! Can u say apostates!?!”
    11. “If you don’t like The Church you should just leave”
    12. “…i am a kind, loving individual, but i can smell a stinky, liberal, feminist from over 5000 miles away.”
    13. “Luci Mack Smith would be so disappointed! YOU dad gum women dont get to run the show! Its womens fault we are all here in the first place! God told Eve NOT to eat the forbiden fruit & the first thing that broad does is eat the fruit… Im wearing a dress to church on sunday.”
    14. “If you want EQUAL RIGHTS think about this: HOW WOULD YOU DO ON THE CROSS?”
    15. “dumb feminist bitches”
    16. “The beauty of this event is that it exposes those angry women who would destroy marriages from their selfishness”
    17. “Here is one thought. You let your daughters wear pants n do they set like ladies or do they have there legs up and wide apart.”
    18. “Women who think that wearing pants to church is a good thing are NOT my sisters.”
    19. “If you really want to make a statement, how about quitting the church instead.”
    20. “If you accept Pres. Monson as prophet, you wouldn’t be posting like you do! Or do you disagree.”
    21. “Anti-Mormons”
    22. “Is it time yet to take on the issue of facial hair and colored shirts for men? Because if anyone thinks it’s really fine for women to wear trousers (which it certainly is not, at least in the LDS culture) then you might also think men can go ahead and grow beards and wear green shirts.”
    23. “I think this movement…is absurd!!!..I mean really?? If yall aint happy with the standards of the church, then by all means start up your own church…matter of fact since yall feel inferior to men with the priesthood, start a church where it’s an “All Women that wear pants, flip flops, blue or green hair, nose pierced, tattoos all over your body and however you like to dress and be” church….Cuz from what I’m gathering, yall are trying to make a movement to wake up who??? ….Go ahead with your movemnet ladies and gather as manny followers as you can so yall can WEAR DEM PANTIES…I MEAN PANTS TO CHURCH…..HAHAHAHAHA”
    24. “… shouldn’t you probably just leave the church instead of protesting it.”
    25. “Yes. I’m a sister with a testimony of REVERENCE. Don’t judge someone who doesn’t own a dress, smells of smoke or brings their pets. HOWEVER, when you know better…WEAR A STINKIN DRESS. It aint that hard. Gee….”
    26. “Should I be more well……’sensitive with you’…..sorry… wish.”
    27. “Don’t forget the part about whining with those who whine. . . “

Michael is a Guatemalan-American Mormon living in the Northwest with his family. He is one of the proprietors of the Rational Faiths blog.

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  1. Very proud moments.

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    • Lol! Thanks for the laugh! I love this. Very entertaining! Can I be the Predident of the Rational Faiths fan club?

        (Quote)  (Reply)

      • Shana,

        Sorry, we don’t have a fan-club, but you can like us on Face Book and write a few posts for us! We are always looking for female guest-bloggers.

        I am glad this list made you laugh.


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  2. Liffey Banks /

    The first Dos Equis meme is not Melissa’s, she edited one to show a diet coke, I think, and it said, “I don’t always wear pants or purple to church, but this week I plan to wear both,” I believe. The meme you posted is actually the one I did. :)

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  3. Cody Calderwood /

    Wow. So sad how hateful people in the church can be. It’s so tragic that so many members who profess to be a part of Christ’s church would rather focus on a dress code than actual Christian principles of love, respect, and inclusion for all.
    To me, it’s a huge red flag that our Mormon culture resembles the Pharisees much more than the early Christian disciples.

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    • Cody, this was my concern with those comments as well. How could they not understand this? Women wearing pants to church is not a sin, but being hateful and judgemental certainly is.

      I just shake my head in wonder.

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  4. Camille /

    This may well be my favorite post ever!

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  5. Leah Silverman /

    This gives me warm fuzzies.

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  6. Liffey Banks /

    Michael Barker,

    Shucks. I’m just flattered to be mentioned in the same sentence as Melissa!

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  7. Garrett /

    #15 definitely takes the cake for me. Tam and I have been laughing about tat one for over a week now

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  8. 12 and 15 are my favorites!! So great!!!

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  9. I agree with Cody!

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  10. Tamera LeBeau /

    Ditto, I agree with Cody also. Wow, it amazes me how spiteful some of these people were just because a few women chose to wear nice pants (one could even say “Sunday best” pants) to church. These comments are definitely not what I would call Christlike. On a lighter note, I think the writer of comment #4 is onto something…wearing pants to church might just be a good way of weeding out all the jerks if you’re in the market for good marriage material. 😉

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  11. Tammy I loved your comment because it’s so true it just made me laugh!

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  12. Matt R. /

    Paul Barker,

    Agreed. “They didn’t wear skirts? Inconceivable!”

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