Mob Rule in Provo

Update: April 23, 2015. Further research has revealed new details in this case. Police reports, dispatch notes, and particularly statements authored by White and his roommates confirm the tense and hostile atmosphere White had to navigate on the evening of January 12, an atmosphere that included threats of violence directed at...

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Defending the Family

Mar 16, 15 Defending the Family

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Meridian Magazine ( recently started a column inviting scholarly discussion of significant cultural and moral topics. More explicitly: Meridian EXPAND will be anxiously engaged in the good cause of defending core teachings of the Church concerning morality and the family, even though, indeed precisely because, these...

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Public Announcement

Mar 08, 15 Public Announcement

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PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: I’ve decided to take a stand for religious freedom in my business! My Mormon religion loves the gays, really we do, but we believe that sexual relations between two people of the same gender are sinful, and frankly a bit icky. Elder D. Todd Christofferson has recently stated that these standards of morality...

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Mixed Messages and Missing Doctrine

This post was co-authored by Jake Abhau and Lori Burkman. After having many discussions on the current events and press conferences of late, we wanted to put our thoughts into an essay that describes the lack of clarity on so many things. Where did we come from? Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? It’s the set of...

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Here Is Our Apology

Feb 02, 15 Here Is Our Apology

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Dear Queer Mormons, We are So So Sorry. We realize that it is not within our stewardship to apologize for or in behalf of the institution that is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, however institutions are cold things bogged down in bureaucracy. Our Mormonism is not cold or distant, it is alive inside each of us, it...

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Why I Liked What Elders Oaks and Christofferson Said

Jan 31, 15 Why I Liked What Elders Oaks and Christofferson Said

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A few weeks ago, in my continuing efforts to educate myself on LGBT issues, I started watching The L Word, a show that focuses primarily on the day-to-day lives of a Los Angeles-based community of lesbians. At first, I was taken aback because the glamorous lesbians depicted on the show weren’t anything like the lesbians I am lucky...

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Erosion of Religious Liberty?

Jan 29, 15 Erosion of Religious Liberty?

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When Alexis de Tocqueville visited the US, he observed that America was more religious than Europe and attributed it to the strong separation of church and state that existed in the US. It would seem that this division of church and state, this freedom of religion is currently being tested. This is of particular concern currently...

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Voices of Warning

Recently, there have been attacks on Wendy Montgomery and John Dehlin in their advocacy of the significant problem of suicide, depression and homelessness among LGBT Mormon youth.  One article concludes after an alleged exhaustive look at the data that, “The claim appears to be fabricated.”1 And yet, while targeting Wendy and John,...

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The Curse of the Amish and Mormonism’s Tool Box

The other day my wife asked me to do some, um, manly things around the house. First on the list was to tighten up the p-trap under the utility sink in the garage.  I loosened up the p-trap, lined up the threads of the tightening nut, and hand tightened it.   To make sure that things wouldn’t leak, I then grabbed my channel...

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Is God liberal or conservative? – We ultimately Worship a Christ that reflects our own agenda. Ganesh Cherian muses about Politics and Religion as we Start our study of Ezra Taft Benson

As we start a new year and focus on the teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, we will, despite the curriculum departments best efforts undoubtedly get into a bit of politics. President Benson had some strong conservative views and talking about them might lead to some lively debate. Discussions involving politics and religion are always...

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