Michael Barker

Tiamat and the Atonement

Tiamat and the Atonement One of the oldest creation myths is that of the Enuma Elish, in which the Babylonian God, Marduk, fights the sea serpent, Tiamat (this type of divine battle is called a theomacy).    In this story, Tiamat represents chaos.  The god, Marduk, fights and wins Tiamat and out of her body parts creates the...

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Jeremy Runnells – the New Expert on Joseph Smith’s Polygamy?

Jul 15, 14 Jeremy Runnells – the New Expert on Joseph Smith’s Polygamy?

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Jeremy Runnells—the New Expert on Joseph Smith’s Polygamy? By Brian C. Hales Recently Jeremy T. Runnells has rebooted his 2013 “Letter to a CES Director: Why I Lost My Testimony,” by posting a response, “Debunking FAIR’s Debunking,” on his website. The section on polygamy comprises over 15,000 words (approximately 70...

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OOOOOH!!!! It Feels So Good To Be Soooo Right!!!!

Jun 25, 14 OOOOOH!!!!  It Feels So Good To Be Soooo Right!!!!

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OOOOH!!!!  IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE SOOOO RIGHT!!!! by Michael Barker I learned yesterday that my dear, less-active LDS friend’s wife died two days ago so I decided to call him. I told him, “Too bad you and your wife weren’t keeping your temple covenants.  Now you won’t be together after the...

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“Knock, I Will Get Angry With You”

Jun 22, 14 “Knock, I Will Get Angry With You”

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“KNOCK AND I WILL GET ANGRY WITH YOU” by Michael Barker As all parents, my wife and I have rules for our daughters. One of these rules is that my oldest daughter cannot have a cell phone until she is old enough to pay for half of its purchase.  There are good reasons for this rule, none of which I need to justify here....

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The Life of Mike and The Life of Pi

Jun 21, 14 The Life of Mike and The Life of Pi

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THE LIFE OF MIKE AND THE LIFE OF PI by Michael Baker I wrote this at 5:oo this morning, Saturday, June 21. I’ve read the following scripture and reflected on it many times the past few days.  The other night, I shared it with a dear friend:   “The storm came on slowly one afternoon.  The clouds looked as if they...

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A Letter to an Apostate

Jun 18, 14 A Letter to an Apostate

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Note: I wrote this essay a month ago while our family was vacationing on the Oregon coast.  I’ve left it in its original form despite the recent events regarding the pending disciplinary actions of my two friends, John Dehlin and Kate Kelly.  I’m not sure if this post still has relevance now or not. A LETTER TO AN...

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Room for All in this Church

Jun 16, 14 Room for All in this Church

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Room for All in this Church June 16, 2014 We face a difficult and pivotal moment in Mormonism as LDS leaders and church members wrestle more openly with complicated aspects of our faith, its doctrine, and its history—often in spaces afforded by the Internet. In light of possible disciplinary action against prominent voices among...

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010: Commentary on Courts of Love

Jun 12, 14 010: Commentary on Courts of Love

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Rational Faiths permabloggers share their personal perspectives and discuss how the movement for excommunication of people like John Dehlin and Kate Kelly affects us as individuals and a church as a whole. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Other Posts You May LikeOOOOOH!!!! It Feels So Good To Be Soooo Right!!!!The Life of M

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006: Meet Melody Newey

Jun 03, 14 006: Meet Melody Newey

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Melody Newey was one of our first permabloggers at Rational Faiths.  She brought with her the wisdom of a mother and the gift to craft beautiful posts, like a poetess.  She was our Eliza Roxy Snow.   She now proudly wears the title of “Emeritus permablogger”.  Click on the link below as Paul and I chat with Melody.

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OF ASSES AND PROPHETS by Michael Barker A few weeks ago I was studying for that week’s Gospel Doctrine lesson, which came from Numbers, chapters 22-24 — the story of Balak, Balaam, and Balaam’s ass.   As I was reading the story, a few things jumped out at me: The story of Balaam seems out of place in the total...

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