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Every year my family makes the obligatory Mormon-Hajj from the mission field to Zion.  We usually make it a point to meet with a few of our permabloggers and if possible, to make it to the summer Sunstone Symposium.   Here is a photo-journal of our visit to the Promised Land:   PART I: CHILLIN’ WITH THE PERMAS  ...

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Moses, The Sound of Music, and Storm Troopers

As the lights dimmed in North Medford High School’s Sjolund Auditorium, my nine year daughter put her little hand in mine and with my other I held my wife’s hand. Captain von Trapp blew his whistle for the youngest to step forward. “I’m Gretel!” My daughter looked up and with her smile whispered,...

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Here Is Our Apology

Feb 02, 15 Here Is Our Apology

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Dear Queer Mormons, We are So So Sorry. We realize that it is not within our stewardship to apologize for or in behalf of the institution that is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, however institutions are cold things bogged down in bureaucracy. Our Mormonism is not cold or distant, it is alive inside each of us, it...

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How to Teach About Mother in Heaven and Not Be Excommunicated.

Jan 29, 15 How to Teach About Mother in Heaven and Not Be Excommunicated.

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How Can I Learn to See Heavenly Father’s Our Heavenly Parents’ Hands in All Things? Note: First, I want to acknowledge that I totally ripped-off my post’s title from Kevin Barney’s amazing Dialogue article entitled, “How to Worship Our Mother in Heaven (Without Being Excommunicate).” These are...

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The Curse of the Amish and Mormonism’s Tool Box

The other day my wife asked me to do some, um, manly things around the house. First on the list was to tighten up the p-trap under the utility sink in the garage.  I loosened up the p-trap, lined up the threads of the tightening nut, and hand tightened it.   To make sure that things wouldn’t leak, I then grabbed my channel...

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Two Crosses

It was not a friendship I would have expected– She, black. Me, not black. She, a PhD and now attending Divinity School. Me, not an academic. She, a woman. Me, a dork. But the friendship and the call came when I needed it most. She called as I was driving home one day shortly after the news had come. The news was shocking to...

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A Christmas Search for the Divine Feminine

http://media.blubrry.com/rationalfaiths/p/rationalfaiths.com/podcast/MikesChristmasTestimony.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS By Michael Barker Note: This is an expansion of a testimony I gave at my Fast and Testimony Meeting on December 7, 2014   Scripture is male-centric. That is a...

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From Whom Do Your Blessings Come?

By Michael Barker I once heard a provocative question: When you feel God’s presence, or have an answer to your prayer, to whom do you acknowledge the comfort or the blessing came? God the Father? Mother in Heaven? Jesus Christ? The Holy Ghost? In non-mainline-Evangelical Christianity, one often hears of having, “A...

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The Answer to All the Hard Questions: Um…Maybe Not.

by Michael Barker The December 2014 issue of the Ensign has an article by R. Val Johnson entitled, “The Answer to All the Hard Questions.”  It’s intended audience seems to be those in faith transition, but the author attempts a reductionistic-like answer to “all the hard questions.”  It’s almost...

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Sunstone Northwest 2014: A Photo Journal

Nov 18, 14 Sunstone Northwest 2014: A Photo Journal

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INCLUSION AND INFLUENCE IN THE BORDERLANDS On Saturday, November 15, Cathy and I went to the Sunstone Northwest Symposium.  This year it was held at the Ranier Valley Community of Christ Church in Seattle.  We were able to meet old and new friends.  The following are pictures of us with our friends.        ...

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