Kylan Rice

Kylan Rice is pursuing an MFA in creative writing at Colorado State University. He blogs at

It Demands Glory: Covenants, Bonds, and Interrelationality in Hosea

Oct 01, 14 It Demands Glory: Covenants, Bonds, and Interrelationality in Hosea

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Note: This was a talk offered at the Horsetooth Student Ward in Fort Collins, Colorado If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m easily overwhelmed. I mean this in the traditional sense, where “overwhelm” is synonymous with words like “overflow” or “overbrim,” like a capsizing boat or a cup filled passed the...

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Reverse Resurrection

Mar 30, 13 Reverse Resurrection

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  Art is exploratory, and begins in a place of not knowing. Like all expression, it is predicated on risk and vulnerability – on partial information, on hope. As often as I write to know, I spend equal time writing to unknow –  to complicate and to question. Indeed, at the center of any good poem is an...

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The Day Breaketh

This is the second post written by our guest blogger Kylan Rice.  His essay explores the idea of wrestling with God as found in Genesis chapter 32.  To read his first post click here. THE DAY BREAKETH by Kylan Rice   It’s not often that God’s finger reaches through the cosmic ether into a recognizable dimension,...

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There Is No End To Light

For about  four years now I have been teaching the Priest Quorum in my ward here in Oregon.   It is a calling I have thoroughly enjoyed.    During that time in a young man’s life, they start to really grapple with things.  They no longer are willing to believe things solely because an adult authority figure has told them. ...

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