The three Barker brothers would often engage in private e-mails  and phone calls with each other and their friends about Mormonism. The three decided it would be more fun to create a blog where all their friends and family could get  together and hammer out some of the idiosyncrasies of Mormonism. Here they hope to provide a safe, fair, and balanced space to discuss the complexities, difficulties, and beauty of their Mormon tradition.

Paul Barker

Born and raised in Northern California, Paul received his education at Ricks College and BYU with a BA in Spanish, minor in PE Coaching. Paul served his LDS mission during the years 94-96 in Rosario, Argentina. He now runs his own businesses from home in Utah County. He’s married and has 3 boys. He is currently the cub master in his ward.

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Jon Barker

After serving his mission in Salta, Argentina from 2005 to 2007, Jon came “home” to Utah. He is married and currently studying Digital Media at Utah Valley University. He runs a couple businesses on the side while working and studying. He loves doing any outside type of activity including camping and snowboarding. He currently teaches the 10-11 year old class in Primary.

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