The Doctrine of Celibacy

Oct 18, 14 The Doctrine of Celibacy

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When Mormons speak of the Law of Chastity, they often define it as remaining celibate until marriage.  In actuality, it would be more properly defined as remaining abstinent until marriage.  Today, the words abstinent and celibate are frequently used interchangeably, but in practice they are quite different.  Abstinence, as...

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Will a Real Mormon Theologian Please Stand Up?

Aug 25, 14 Will a Real Mormon Theologian Please Stand Up?

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  In the summer of 1865 the First Presidency issued a statement in the Deseret News condemning certain theological writings they considered to be so objectionable that they ordered copies of the works to be destroyed.  The volumes in question had been written by Orson Pratt, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and...

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009: Interview w/Author Adam Miller

Jun 10, 14 009: Interview w/Author Adam Miller

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An interview with Adam Miller, author of “Letters to a Young Mormon,” in which we discuss aspects of faith that are deeper and broader than we often think. We covered gospel principles such as grace and charity, which we often give lip service to but do not necessarily think of how we ignore or implement them in our times of...

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Summoned and Unsettled: Gay Mormons and the Power of the Face of Love

Apr 26, 14 Summoned and Unsettled: Gay Mormons and the Power of the Face of Love

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Summoned and Unsettled: Gay Mormons and the Power of the Face of Love by Jacob Baker Renowned Jewish thinker Emmanuel Levinas (1906-1995) spent much of his life thinking about how and why we relate or fail to relate to others. A French Jewish prisoner of war during World War II, Levinas endured 5 years in German prison camps. Many...

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Lying for the Lord?

  The LDS Church is currently engaged in a systematic and officially endorsed effort to misrepresent some of its teachings to the outside world. This is not a new phenomenon.  As far back as the Nauvoo period, “Joseph [Smith] publicly and repeatedly denied he was advocating polygamy” while simultaneously marrying upwards...

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Tears for the Unordained Women in My Life

Last Saturday my wife tells me that our 13 year old La La (nickname) is going to be set apart on Sunday as a counselor in the Beehive’s Class Presidency and we are invited to attend. I sigh, not because I don’t feel proud of her but because I feel afraid of this moment as it signals one of several uniquely Mormon events aimed at...

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The Old Testament Does Not Prohibit Homosexuality

By Sheldon Greaves, Ph.D. The section in Genesis for this week’s lesson is Genesis 13-14; 18-19, a crucial set of passages where the Bible paints a defining picture of Abraham, Lot, their families, and the world they lived in. There isn’t time to do proper justice to these sections, because understanding some of them demand a...

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Discovering the Old Testament: Sacrifice, Sin, and the Cosmic Order

By Sheldon Greaves, Ph.D. In this week’s installment of “Discovering the Old Testament” we spend some time exploring the ancient Israelite sacrificial system, which is one of the more opaque parts of Biblical law. For most modern readers it has something to do with burning lots of animals to remove sins for reasons...

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Who Do You Say God Is? – Walker’s Womanism and Thoughts On A Black Christ

Feb 05, 14 Who Do You Say God Is? – Walker’s Womanism and Thoughts On A Black Christ

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Well, us talk and talk about God, but I’m still adrift. Trying to chase that old white man out of my head. I been so busy thinking bout him I never truly notice nothing God make. [1] Since the inception of the word “womanist” in 1983, the term itself and its meaning has ebbed and flowed through public and private discourse as...

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When you sum(As,e)

You’ve probably heard the saying: “When you assume . . . you make a sum of As and e.” For you non-chemists, that would be arsenic plus one electron making an arsenic ion with a charge of negative one. That’s not a very stable ion, so it’s not really found in nature, thus the saying makes it clear that...

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