For Our Daughter. Again.

Last October, I wrote a post about my wife’s involvement with Ordain Women and their initial appearance in the standby line at General Conference, requesting entry to the General Priesthood Session. It’s a short post, and you should read it for context here. For Our Daughter At the time, Danielle and I had not begun...

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What’s All This Hullabalooky With The Womenz?

OK, so I had a different post planned today.  It was super-duper smart and stuff.  But I’ve been struggling with a chronic illness all week that makes my brain fuzzy, my thoughts loopy, and I can’t think much very well clearly.  But then a great thing happened-the Church’s PR department released a statement on...

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The Prophetess: Rebecca Mould and the Origins of Mormonism in Ghana

Mar 13, 14 The Prophetess: Rebecca Mould and the Origins of Mormonism in Ghana

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This article was originally published at Juvenile Instructor Note:  The image at left is of a representative West African Relief Society Presidency In 1964, Abraham F. Mensah, a schoolmaster visiting Great Britain from Ghana, first came into contact with the Mormon church through literature given to him while he was visiting a Sufi...

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Tears for the Unordained Women in My Life

Last Saturday my wife tells me that our 13 year old La La (nickname) is going to be set apart on Sunday as a counselor in the Beehive’s Class Presidency and we are invited to attend. I sigh, not because I don’t feel proud of her but because I feel afraid of this moment as it signals one of several uniquely Mormon events aimed at...

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How to Give a Baby Blessing Regardless of your Level of Faith

Feb 04, 14 How to Give a Baby Blessing Regardless of your Level of Faith

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After my son was born I had a dilemma: how do I give a baby blessing while knowing that faith is much more complicated now than before? It’s not that I hadn’t given any blessings, or that I hadn’t given any in the recent past. I had given blessings of healing or comfort recently. A baby blessing, for some reason, felt bigger....

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Whitewashing the Pioneers

  The Mormon people are changing.   Having old stock Mormon ancestry isn’t quite as chic as it once was.   It’s a nice conversation piece or a fun campfire story, but for those Mormons who live in America’s urban centers or abroad, the pioneer drama Just Feels So White.  American.  Rural.   Modern Mormons will not...

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Infallibility of the Arm of the Flesh – Milgram part one

This is the first of a series of posts of Latter-day lessons from the Milgram experiments. If you are unfamiliar with the Milgram experiments, you can see a video of it here. I should give some quick definitions for the experiment. The “Experimenter” is the person running the experiment and giving commands to the...

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Reflections on Martin Luther King Jr. and Mormonism

There is a stark contrast between Dr. King’s “Dream” speech and his letter from Birmingham. In the former he spoke of unification; in the latter he spoke of shattered dreams. From Birmingham he wrote, “In spite of my shattered dreams of the past, I came to Birmingham with the hope that the white religious...

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Requiem for an Apostate

Requiem for an Apostate A Review of “Passing the Heavenly Gift,” by Denver C. Snuffer, Jr. Denver Snuffer, Jr. was excommunicated in September of 2013 for “apostasy.”  The reason for his excommunication was his publication of a book titled, “Passing the Heavenly Gift,” his popular lectures on the subject of the book,...

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Why No Apology for the Priesthood Ban?

Observant Mormons are urged to speak no ill of the Lord’s anointed, which is generally understood to be the leadership of the Church.  Elder Dallin H. Oaks expanded on this in the February 1987 Ensign where he taught that Latter-day Saints should not criticize Church leaders, adding, “It does not matter that the criticism...

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