Mormonism is Not Book of Mormon Christianity

With the new BYU curiculum change, one of the classes that will be required is “Teachings and Doctrine of the Book of Mormon.” It made me think about doctrinal similarities and differences between the Book of Mormon and modern Mormonism. Since I can’t write a blog post about every doctrinal comparison, I tried to...

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The Answer to All the Hard Questions

Nov 20, 14 The Answer to All the Hard Questions

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“Some of the hardest questions come when what we believe is challenged by changing cultural fashions or by new information, sometimes misinformation, that critics of the Church confront us with. At such times, it may seem that our doctrinal or historical foundations are not as solid as we thought. We may be tempted to question...

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Eve as Christ’s Precursor

Nov 09, 14 Eve as Christ’s Precursor

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A recent visit to the temple reinforced for me the idea that Paul got his parallel wrong: Christ is not the second Adam but the second Eve. “For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive,” Paul wrote (1 Cor. 15:22). But, considering our modern understanding of the Fall, it would have been more appropriate for...

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The Blessings of (Ordination to) the Priesthood

Sep 30, 14 The Blessings of (Ordination to) the Priesthood

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I have been actively participating in the conversation about gender in the LDS Church for quite sometime now. I have listened carefully to a range of ideas about why LDS women are not now ordained to the priesthood, what that tells us about gender and about the priesthood, and whether the current policies will change in the future....

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No Soup for You! Why Women Can’t Have the Priesthood

Jul 31, 14 No Soup for You! Why Women Can’t Have the Priesthood

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In the last General Conference, Elder Oaks gave a talk about the priesthood. During the priesthood session. To a group of men. Since then, many members of the church have claimed that his talk holds the answers to why women can’t have the priesthood. Now, whether or not the talk actually answers that question is debatable, but...

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“Knock, I Will Get Angry With You”

Jun 22, 14 “Knock, I Will Get Angry With You”

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“KNOCK AND I WILL GET ANGRY WITH YOU” by Michael Barker As all parents, my wife and I have rules for our daughters. One of these rules is that my oldest daughter cannot have a cell phone until she is old enough to pay for half of its purchase.  There are good reasons for this rule, none of which I need to justify here....

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Molotov Cocktails in Priesthood Meeting

  I. Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave a talk at the opening of the April 2014 General Conference Priesthood session titled The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood. I listened to it in real time knowing that, even as Elder Oaks was pronouncing his justification for women not being allowed to hold the priesthood, women were being...

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The Young Women (lessons) are a Changin’

So today I was browsing the ol’ book of Faces, when I saw a link to a Google doc done by Laura Compton comparing the Young Women’s manual from June of 2013 to June of 2014.  The lessons are on the priesthood. The changes are pretty fascinating, especially since church correlations and corrections usually attempt to be...

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A Priesthood Holder’s Ramblings about Ordain Women and Female Ordination

May 06, 14 A Priesthood Holder’s Ramblings about Ordain Women and Female Ordination

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This post is true to its title. It is written by a holder of the priesthood, “the power of God delegated to man to act for the salvation of the human family”, as Elder Oaks put it in last conference. It is also written as a reflection of my mental roaming without any defined purpose or direction as I read, listened to,...

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For Our Daughter. Again.

Last October, I wrote a post about my wife’s involvement with Ordain Women and their initial appearance in the standby line at General Conference, requesting entry to the General Priesthood Session. It’s a short post, and you should read it for context here. For Our Daughter At the time, my wife and I had not begun...

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