Strange Bedfellows: Marriages and Sealings

Jul 24, 14 Strange Bedfellows: Marriages and Sealings

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All of my life I grew up hearing about how sacred and special it was to be married in the temple. That was what you work toward, spiritually, your whole life. We sing songs about going to the temple from the time that we start talking. Getting married in the temple is kind of a big deal. A few weeks ago my kids and I visited the...

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Stop it! …No, seriously, stop it right now.

Jesus put it rather simply: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” To that simple injunction, he added a more specific warning: “With whatsoever measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you.” Barreling through the King James English, that means, “Your own measuring stick will be used to measure...

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Room for All in this Church

Jun 16, 14 Room for All in this Church

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Room for All in this Church June 16, 2014 We face a difficult and pivotal moment in Mormonism as LDS leaders and church members wrestle more openly with complicated aspects of our faith, its doctrine, and its history—often in spaces afforded by the Internet. In light of possible disciplinary action against prominent voices among...

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Affirmation and the Gay Mormon Revival

There was a time when I utterly rejected the notion that it was possible to be gay and Mormon. I defined being Mormon as being a baptized member of the Church in good standing, and during the years I was coming of age, it was not uncommon for individuals to be excommunicated from the Church for the simple fact of acknowledging...

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Converts and Pioneers

I study stories. Particularly, I study the ways people tell stories in order to make sense of who they are and where they fit in this world. The stories we tell ourselves and others are powerful forces in our lives, and I love digging into exactly how people do it. One major reason we tell stories is so we can construct our...

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Mormo Comics: The Joseph Smith Diner

May 10, 14 Mormo Comics: The Joseph Smith Diner

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Saturday was my oldest child’s baptism. He asked me to talk about baptism at his baptismal program. I decided to share the talk here. In Matthew in the New Testament, Jesus said “Be ye perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect.” In Greek, the word translated here as perfect (τέλειος) means “whole” or...

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Lying for the Lord?

  The LDS Church is currently engaged in a systematic and officially endorsed effort to misrepresent some of its teachings to the outside world. This is not a new phenomenon.  As far back as the Nauvoo period, “Joseph [Smith] publicly and repeatedly denied he was advocating polygamy” while simultaneously marrying upwards...

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What’s All This Hullabalooky With The Womenz?

OK, so I had a different post planned today.  It was super-duper smart and stuff.  But I’ve been struggling with a chronic illness all week that makes my brain fuzzy, my thoughts loopy, and I can’t think much very well clearly.  But then a great thing happened-the Church’s PR department released a statement on...

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Mormonism in Transition

A review of Mormonism in Transition, available through Greg Kofford Books. If you want to skip to the quotes, click here. During the ‘Camelot Era’ of Leonard Arrington the church history department had plans to release a series of Mormon history for the church’s sesquicentennial. It was to be a 16 volume series on...

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