Lying for the Lord?

  The LDS Church is currently engaged in a systematic and officially endorsed effort to misrepresent some of its teachings to the outside world. This is not a new phenomenon.  As far back as the Nauvoo period, “Joseph [Smith] publicly and repeatedly denied he was advocating polygamy” while simultaneously marrying upwards...

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What’s All This Hullabalooky With The Womenz?

OK, so I had a different post planned today.  It was super-duper smart and stuff.  But I’ve been struggling with a chronic illness all week that makes my brain fuzzy, my thoughts loopy, and I can’t think much very well clearly.  But then a great thing happened-the Church’s PR department released a statement on...

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Mormonism in Transition

A review of Mormonism in Transition, available through Greg Kofford Books. If you want to skip to the quotes, click here. During the ‘Camelot Era’ of Leonard Arrington the church history department had plans to release a series of Mormon history for the church’s sesquicentennial. It was to be a 16 volume series on...

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Three Mormonisms

Introduction: Tensions in Utah It was early 2012, and Alain de Botton had just published Religion for Atheists, a book which asserts that everyone — even non-believers — should embrace the good features of religion, like community and service. When Religion for Atheists was published, de Botton assumed it wouldn’t have a...

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Requiem for an Apostate

Requiem for an Apostate A Review of “Passing the Heavenly Gift,” by Denver C. Snuffer, Jr. Denver Snuffer, Jr. was excommunicated in September of 2013 for “apostasy.”  The reason for his excommunication was his publication of a book titled, “Passing the Heavenly Gift,” his popular lectures on the subject of the book,...

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Why No Apology for the Priesthood Ban?

Observant Mormons are urged to speak no ill of the Lord’s anointed, which is generally understood to be the leadership of the Church.  Elder Dallin H. Oaks expanded on this in the February 1987 Ensign where he taught that Latter-day Saints should not criticize Church leaders, adding, “It does not matter that the criticism...

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“The Spirit That I Have Seen May Be The Devil”–Nephi’s Slaying of Laban

The opening pages of the Book of Mormon confront us with the most problematic story in the entire book—the murder of a defenseless Laban by a sword-wielding Nephi.  (1 Nephi 4)  We all know the story.  Nephi has been commanded by God (through his prophet-father Lehi) to obtain Laban’s brass plate version of the Hebrew...

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The White Element: Heber Meeks’ Mission to Cuba

Dec 05, 13 The White Element: Heber Meeks’ Mission to Cuba

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In summer 1947, Southern States Mission President Heber Meeks traveled to Cuba in order to determine whether Mormon missionary work should commence in the nation of Cuba.  Meeks had an impressive track record both as a church official and a public servant. He had directed the 1940 census in Utah and had once run as a Democrat for...

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What Is Sin–A Perspective Influenced by the East.

There is some mystery about Jesus’ life before he started his ministry. Some believe that he went east in those years and encountered Buddhism. Frankly, this makes sense because it is very easy to re-interpret much of what Jesus taught and did from a Buddhist point of view.  I would like to look at some basic Christian ideas...

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The Field is White

Oct 24, 13 The Field is White

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I have known several people who have been excited about their job or education opportunities outside of the state of Utah because they wanted to be “in the mission field”. My husband and I, both part of two different infamous “bubbles” in Utah had the wonderful experience of living out of state for 4 years. We are definitely...

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