I Don’t Want to Be On your Team

I wrote a post not that long ago titled Why I Left. You can read it if you want but essentially I put the Church on blast for pretty much everything I think is wrong with it. I meant every word of it. Right away I received more than a few supportive messages which gave me both strength comfort. Then there were a few messages that...

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American Temples

Feb 25, 15 American Temples

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American Temples by Scott Jarvie is a beautiful tribute to LDS Temples built in the United States. Scott spent more than a year living on the road out of an Airstream, traveling more than 40,000 miles from the west coast to the east and back again five times, photographing each LDS temple as he went. Some people might him crazy at...

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Your Fave is Problematic: How human bias inhibits prophetic leadership

Feb 21, 15 Your Fave is Problematic: How human bias inhibits prophetic leadership

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The amount of things that have been chosen for me by men I have never met is high- things like what entertainment I can partake in, how much jewelry I can wear, how I can alter my body, how I can’t kiss, or how I really shouldn’t serve a mission. There’s always some “valid” reason- ‘Well, the...

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Ancient Jewish Parallels and Mormon Scripture

In my research at the University of Utah I have mainly focused on Hebrew and Jewish studies, but have had the opportunity of taking a good sampling of courses on Mormon history, text, and practice as well. Both in and out of class I have read many studies that seek to understand Mormon scripture better in its own context, and in so...

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“Even Fifty Six Years, Should Wind Up the Scene”

In 1876, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints published a revised edition of the Doctrine and Covenants which included, for the first time, section 130. This section includes the founding leader Joseph Smith’s prophecy that if Smith lived “until thou art eighty-five years old, thou shalt see the face of the Son of Man.”...

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Noah, Same-Sex Marriage, and Citizenship

The church offers materials in 105 languages on its website. At least portions of the website are available to be viewed in at least 73 languages. The Gospel Topics section, which has gotten a lot of attention for its essays on controversial topics, is available in 10 languages. Some of these are recent additions. I wanted to look...

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Absurd Moments in Mormon Art: The Second Coming

Jan 06, 15 Absurd Moments in Mormon Art: The Second Coming

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  The Second Coming by Harry Anderson is a beautiful, inspiring depiction of the return of Christ in the Last Days. He is shown in strength and majesty with arms outstretched, and surrounded by concourses of beautiful maiden angels that are triumphantly heralding his return to Earth. This picture can be found in hundreds of...

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Mormonism May Be Made Up…But It’s Still True

Do you know how embarrassing it is to be caught crying during a kids movie? Let me tell you about it. Besides being one of the top movies of 2014, the LEGO Movie is—if you’re paying attention—kind of a deep philosophical examination of truth. (Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the movie) Emmet is our unwitting hero – a...

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Scarred, Broken, and Held in Trust

Dec 28, 14 Scarred, Broken, and Held in Trust

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Someone else has left. Friend, family member, fellow guardian of once shared sacred truths. He’s found another path. Time will tell if she was called to this other path or if he was simply called away from our community, anywhere but here. He’s still here. God willing, she’s not going anywhere as a friend and loved one. But he can...

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The Bastardization of Truth

Oct 30, 14 The Bastardization of Truth

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It’s time we stopped idolizing truth. It’s time we stopped treating truth like a banner at the end of a mid-distance race. See, over there in the distance? That’s truth, we say. It’s just over there, and if you just put forth a little effort, you’ll find it. And then, well, you’re done. You can just swim in truth the rest of your...

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