What did Moroni REALLY tell Joseph Smith?

Apr 01, 14 What did Moroni REALLY tell Joseph Smith?

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Moroni is one of the most crucial figures in the Restoration. According to Joseph’s accounts, Moroni acted as Joseph’s angelic tutor for 6 years. According to Joseph’s accounts, Moroni prepared this unschooled farmboy for the immense mantle of prophethood. According to President George Q.Cannon, “[Joseph Smith] was visited...

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Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, Volume 2: History – A Book Review

NOTE: This is a review of only Volume 2.   To read my review of Volume 1, click here. Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, Volume 2: History  -  A Book Review “We obeyed [the command to practice plural marriage] the best we knew how, and, no doubt, made many crooked paths in our ignorance.” Amasa M. Lyman With the recent...

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First Vision Accounts – Almost a Good Thing

Dec 03, 13 First Vision Accounts – Almost a Good Thing

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On November 22nd a link to a Church web page (here) appeared in my Facebook news feed that dealt with the First Vision accounts. What intrigued me was that the word account was plural. This was unusual for an official church publication. I quickly read the article and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was indeed an official...

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Glory in Infirmities

When I was nearing the end of my mission, there was a bit more of a hullabaloo than usual within the church over Joseph Smith.  It was November of 2005.  If Joseph Smith had been an elf or one of the Dunedain, he would have been celebrating his 200th birthday in December.  During the next two months there were all kinds of...

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“…in Spite of Earth and Hell.”

Every major biographer of Joseph Smith has concluded that while Joseph’s claim to direct revelation from God might be readily balked at by the casual observer; dismissal of Joseph as a mere charlatan, liar, opportunist, or ego-maniac is a position ignorant of the facts.  A balanced view of Joseph Smith is in touch with the...

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The Starter-Kit of the Restoration

“Unto My Servants, in Their Weakness” The early period of the Restoration saw Joseph Smith and his associates through some remarkable sequences of events.  In Joseph’s early encounters with Moroni, he was first told of a book writen on golden plates,1 then told of a breastplate and stones in silver bows know as the...

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Thoroughly Modern Emma

  Some thoughts from a few BYU students, March 2013: Male: “So what makes Emma any different than any other apostate?” Female: “Emma had the dream that every woman does–that her posterity would rise up to call her blessed.” Male: “Do you think Emma gave up her place in the celestial...

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A Transhumanist Interpretation of the Gospel

This is the third in a five-part series on Mormon Transhumanism. The first part was an introduction to transhumanism written by James Carroll and I wrote the second part, comparing transhumanism and Mormonism. At the core of Mormonism is the Gospel of Christ, which is essentially a transhumanist undertaking―something designed to...

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“…or we shall not come out true Mormons.”

Note: This is the beginning of a series of posts I am conceptually calling, “The Song of Redeeming Love: 20 Neglected Principles of Mormonism.” It is my hope that it will help persons in the midst of faith crises, identify gospel principles with which they can still strongly identify, as they transform or rebuild their...

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Transhumanist Parallels in Mormonism

This is the second in a series of posts on Mormon Tranhumanism. The first was written by James Carroll. Many people are surprised to discover that Mormonism and Transhumanism have anything in common. In fact, they are remarkably compatible. In this post I’ve collected a number of Mormon teachings that have fascinating...

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