Mar 15, 14 #doublestandard

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  BYU recently held it’s Pro Day where NFL scouts come to watch players. It looks like things started out well, but eventually all hell broke loose and we had football players in underwear. I mean sports attire. I’m not sure what they were thinking posting those pictures. They know that women and kids would see...

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Young Women – Please Help My Sons Stay Clean & Pure

Oct 23, 13 Young Women – Please Help My Sons Stay Clean & Pure

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I want to take a moment on behalf of all men to personally thank the virtuous women who dress modestly so that we can keep our thoughts pure and clean. I am so grateful for the virtuous women throughout my life that dressed modestly so I wouldn’t have bad thoughts. Those righteous girls I dated in high school and college...

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The Pedagogy of Modesty

Dec 05, 12 The Pedagogy of Modesty

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I have two daughters.   I am concerned with the messages they will receive once they enter the Young Women’s organization of the LDS church.  At the top of my concerns is how, traditionally, modesty has been taught within our LDS culture.   I am concerned with the pedagogy of modesty.  Others are concerned as well. The...

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If your pants are too tight…

Recently in the news we got a little taste of a “Mormon moment” when on Valentine’s Day a male BYU student passed a note to a female student declaring that she was immodestly dressed and should think about how her appearance was affecting others. I’m sure he was just trying to do his duty as stated in the BYU...

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