Requiem for an Apostate

Requiem for an Apostate A Review of “Passing the Heavenly Gift,” by Denver C. Snuffer, Jr. Denver Snuffer, Jr. was excommunicated in September of 2013 for “apostasy.”  The reason for his excommunication was his publication of a book titled, “Passing the Heavenly Gift,” his popular lectures on the subject of the book,...

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Why No Apology for the Priesthood Ban?

Observant Mormons are urged to speak no ill of the Lord’s anointed, which is generally understood to be the leadership of the Church.  Elder Dallin H. Oaks expanded on this in the February 1987 Ensign where he taught that Latter-day Saints should not criticize Church leaders, adding, “It does not matter that the criticism...

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“The Spirit That I Have Seen May Be The Devil”–Nephi’s Slaying of Laban

The opening pages of the Book of Mormon confront us with the most problematic story in the entire book—the murder of a defenseless Laban by a sword-wielding Nephi.  (1 Nephi 4)  We all know the story.  Nephi has been commanded by God (through his prophet-father Lehi) to obtain Laban’s brass plate version of the Hebrew...

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Brother Miller and Me

Nov 17, 13 Brother Miller and Me

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I learned something important the other week.  Once again, one of those unexpected lessons. A few weeks ago I wrote a post, Why the Church is Truer Than the Gospel,  about me not wanting to attend church on a particular Sunday.   Part of the reason for not wanting to go was my concern of how the Gospel Doctrine class would go....

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Multifaceted Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon has long been considered to exhibit a degree of literary homogeneity that evinces its authorship as attributable to only one person.  As Alexander Campbell wrote in what is likely the earliest review of the Book of Mormon, published in his Millennial Harbinger of February 7, 1831: The book professes to be written...

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The Nephite Ministry of Jesus Christ—Part 3

  A Little Background This is the final of three articles.  The first article looked at how Jesus’ ministry to the Nephites begins with three chapters quoted from the New Testament, being the Sermon on the Mount as found in Matthew 5-7; how those chapters are not just filler, but how pieces of the New Testament chapters are...

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Malachi and Isaiah in Third Nephi–Part 2

  My last article showed how three chapters from Matthew (the Sermon on the Mount from Matt. 5-7) are quoted at the beginning of Jesus’ Nephite ministry, and thereafter incorporated into his teachings approximately 15 times. Bookending these three New Testament chapters at the outset of Jesus’ ministry are three Old...

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The Sermon on the Mount in the Book of Mormon–Part 1

  When I was a missionary, it was customary to introduce the new investigator to the Book of Mormon by inviting them to read the appearance of the Savior to the Nephites in 3 Nephi 11.  I remember being concerned whenever this invitation was given that the investigator would continue reading into 3 Nephi 12-14 and realize that...

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Thoroughly Modern Book of Mormon

Thoroughly Modern Book of Mormon Having recently written a two-part article on the seemingly undeniable connections between the Book of Mormon and the ancient world, I thought it only fair to examine the flip side of the coin, and set forth evidence that the Book of Mormon is not an ancient, but a modern, composition. Like most...

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Search, Ponder, and Pray… Unless You Have Faith?

Jul 19, 13 Search, Ponder, and Pray… Unless You Have Faith?

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Often, when hard doctrinal (or, more often, cultural) questions come up among church members, people rely a good bit on the idea of faith. In difficult conversations with other members, I have often been told by more than one fellow saint that they aren’t sure exactly why things are as they are, but they have faith that it is...

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