If garments don’t feel oppressive, are they?

I recently read the fantastic opinion piece by Mette Harrison via The Huffington Post entitled “If We Don’t Feel Oppressed, Are We?” and it really hit home with me. When discussing matters that bothered me in the church, in particular the inequality of women and men in leadership, the argument I received (and...

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Following The Prophet (When The Prophet Hasn’t Always Been Right)

Aug 05, 15 Following The Prophet (When The Prophet Hasn’t Always Been Right)

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Sitting in the pew, they sing: Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, Follow the prophet; don’t go astray. Follow the prophet, follow the prophet, Follow the prophet; he knows the way. Verse after verse goes by. I look around at all the people singing the words, each voice pronouncing each word with a profound reverence. But...

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You Can’t Handle the Truth!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has long had three missions: Perfecting the Saints, Proclaiming the Gospel, Redeeming the Dead. A fourth was recently added: Caring for the Poor and Needy. But all along, the LDS Church has had a fifth mission–Suppressing the Truth. What truth is it the LDS Church actively...

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Converts and Pioneers

I study stories. Particularly, I study the ways people tell stories in order to make sense of who they are and where they fit in this world. The stories we tell ourselves and others are powerful forces in our lives, and I love digging into exactly how people do it. One major reason we tell stories is so we can construct our...

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The Prodigal Son

Our ward recently had stake conference and in Relief Society we were given a lesson on The Prodigal Son by our stake president.  It was a wonderful lesson and I was touched by the words and thoughts that were shared by my wonderful stake president and members of my ward. I think often in the LDS church, we get caught up in the...

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I, Apostate

I am an apostate. Or so I hear. It has recently come to my attention that certain members of my ward have taken to calling me an apostate, likely because of articles I have posted at Rational Faiths. It is hard for me to tell precisely what it is I may have said or written that causes others to view me as an apostate; largely...

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“The Spirit That I Have Seen May Be The Devil”–Nephi’s Slaying of Laban

The opening pages of the Book of Mormon confront us with the most problematic story in the entire book—the murder of a defenseless Laban by a sword-wielding Nephi.  (1 Nephi 4)  We all know the story.  Nephi has been commanded by God (through his prophet-father Lehi) to obtain Laban’s brass plate version of the Hebrew Scriptures. ...

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Baby Jesus and Bathwater

Recently I participated on a panel at the Sunstone Symposium. I volunteered because the panel had consisted only of men and the organizers needed at least one woman. Turns out, I was that woman. Jeff Burton, author of, For Those Who Wonder, chaired the session. You can read his Sunstone columns here.  Our panel discussion was...

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Mind, Body and Soul

“What is man that though are mindful of him?” – Psalm 8:4 What are we? How much of us is simply the result of brain chemistry? Is our consciousness an illusion? Is there any part of us beyond our body? Is our will an illusion and behavior determined? How much of our behavior is programmed by our genes? Are we more...

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The Road to Tyranny

May 16, 13 The Road to Tyranny

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The Road to Tyranny: (Steps to take in order to transition a limited government of the people, by the people and for the people, to a tyrannical government that runs the people.) 1. Wage war on independence and personal responsibility. Play up the victim angle. Everyone is now a victim…a victim of their race, a victim of their...

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