Some Choice Mormon Top Ten Lists for 2014

Jan 01, 15 Some Choice Mormon Top Ten Lists for 2014

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Looking back over 2014, many deeply significant things happened in my life. Of course, I won’t talk about those here. Instead, below are a few semi-personal, half-true, completely insubstantial top 10 lists I cobbled together that are vaguely connected to 2014, Mormonism, and myself, but not in any really significant or...

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Seeking Liberation

Dec 17, 14 Seeking Liberation

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A Gospel of Liberation. A Gospel about liberation. That’s what I need. That’s what I seek. That’s why Church is hard for me sometimes. It can be so individualistic in ways that feel imprisoning to me. I need a gospel that is collective… in voice and in action. I need a collectively liberating Gospel after the tsunamis,...

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The Lost Christmas Letter

Unbeknownst to many, one of the ancient texts in the lost 116 pages of the Book of Lehi is a very small sub-section called “The Christmas Letters of Sariah.” However, we have recently unearthed one of them, believed to have been written around the time the family was about to sail to the promised land, and are publishing...

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Mormonism is Not Book of Mormon Christianity

With the new BYU curiculum change, one of the classes that will be required is “Teachings and Doctrine of the Book of Mormon.” It made me think about doctrinal similarities and differences between the Book of Mormon and modern Mormonism. Since I can’t write a blog post about every doctrinal comparison, I tried to...

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How I went From Being Nephi to Korihor – Those Who Are Different

I was born of goodly parents. Both from a long line of Pioneer stock Mormons. One day my father awoke from a dream and announced we would be moving to a small town he had never visited. We had no family there. We had no friends there. Considering it was a town of 700 people, it might as well have been the wilderness. Because I was 8...

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There are Save but Two Churches Only

For as long as I can remember there has been a part of me that tenses up when I hear someone bear testimony that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church. Even as a youth who never doubted the validity of the statement, hearing those words made me uncomfortable. What had I done in my life to merit...

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The Authorship of Isaiah and Its Bearing on the Book of Mormon

Scholars today recognize that the full text of Isaiah was not written by a single individual named Isaiah in the latter half of the eighth century BCE, but rather that the text was written by at least two, and more probably three, individual authors spanning a period of about four centuries. Generally scholars identify chapters 1-39...

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Book of Mormon Numerology

I am excited to announce the publication of my paper on Hebrew Numerology in the Book of Mormon in the most recent issue of BYU-Studies, 53:2. The thesis of the paper is that the same type of numerology used by Hebrews in the ancient world shows up in the Book of Mormon. The paper focuses on the number seven, resulting in the snazzy...

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Biblical Inerrancy and the Book of Mormon

Biblical Inerrancy and the Book of Mormon: Creating a Platform for LDS/Evangelical Dialogue by Michelle G. Wiener Question: Is there room for the Book of Mormon within the theological framework of “biblical inerrancy”? Recently the following paragraph from my essay “Two Lampstands: Two Branches” featured in Rational Faiths...

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AUTHORING THE OLD TESTAMENT: GENISIS-DEUTERONOMY – A BOOK REVIEW by Michael Barker I’m not sure when I first learned of the documentary hypothesis, but I do remember when I first heard that Dr. David Bokovoy was working on a book that would introduce the documentary hypothesis to an LDS audience. It was during a Mormon...

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