Know Your Market – Lessons from City Creek

Nov 26, 12 Know Your Market – Lessons from City Creek

One day while driving from Provo to Salt Lake City, I noticed a billboard for City Creek, the new church-owned mall. The billboard featured an attractive model dressed very nicely in a button-up shirt and jacket with the City Creek mall in the background. Once I passed the point of the mountain and had Utah County in the rear view mirror, I noticed another billboard sign; however, this one was much different.  It showed a couple drinking wine. And the woman was dressed in a sleeveless top with a deep V-neck. I thought to myself, well, it looks like the church-owned mall knows it’s market! This would never fly in Utah County! Well played City Creek, well played indeed.

City Creek Billboard American Fork

This one is located near American Fork.

City Creek billboard in Salt Lake County – crappy picture but you can still see those bare shoulders!! Hide the children!!

City Creek Billboard

This one is basically the same thing as my picture, just better quality.

Born and raised in Northern California, Paul received his education at Ricks College and BYU with a BA in Spanish, minor in PE Coaching. Paul served his LDS mission during the years 94-96 in Rosario, Argentina. He now runs a skate shop in Provo, UT. He's married and has 4 boys. He is currently inbetween callings ;).

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  1. Business in front, party in the back…

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  2. Well, let’s see, besides good marketing strategy I’d have to say that it’s also a glaring example of hypocrisy since the libation, attire, and “decadent” lifestyle being advertised (portrayed, encouraged and supported) via the billboard ad are the very things the church preaches against. But then I have to assume– from the evidence– that church and business are separate operational entities.

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  3. I’m guessing that was Apple Spritzer and NOT wine. I’m mean, come on :) Plus, the lady had probably recently finished a heavy work out at one of the 50 gyms in Utah County and therefore, the clothing was also justified.

    I’ll bet the guy is whispering, “These people are all judging us…” :)

    Interesting insights nonetheless.

    When can I do a guest post here?

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  4. The mall and temple adornment was all I could think about yesterday in GD when the scripture said something like churches that care to get gain and adorn their churches rather than feed the poor & hungry will be abundant in the last days…but of course our church *really* does it for the Lord, so it’s ok. bleh.

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  5. Perhaps the church should have spent that $2 billion on helping people, not a high end mall. Only $1.3 billion given in humanitarian aid between 1985 – 2010. Priorities?

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  6. Paul Barker,

    What would Jesus do with $2 billion? Pretty sure it wouldn’t be building a mall.

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  7. Husky

    If we apply a value to the millions of man hours they have volunteered than their humanitarian contributions are many times more than the 1.3 billion.

    And the 1.3 billion doesn’t include the help they give the members of the wards. I’m sure it doesn’t include the many thousands of dollars our local ward gave this thanksgiving weekend to help families in need. That happens everyday, all over the world.

    So I don’t get why anyone would ever attack the church’s charitable giving.


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    • Yes… but this is us, the members of the church volunteering those hours and those funds. How much has the corporate church given? And we do a good job at it. But just imagine if we had 2 Billion to spend!

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  8. Ron Madson /

    Paul, not sure how kosher this is, but I recently wrote a favorable post on how City Creek has shown us the “True Order of Shopping”….

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  9. Ron Madson,

    Amen. Superb!

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  10. Paul Barker,


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  11. Matt Lillywhite /

    What would Jesus do with $2 billion? I don’t know. What do you think he did with the money he made from carpentry?
    What would you do with the $2 billion? Or, what do you do with your money? I am very good at spending it for things that are of no worth. I buy a lot of shiny things, fast things, and big things. I also help some people out, but in general, I am pretty selfish and worldly with the money I earn by my hand.

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  12. Sarah Collett

    This is my first comment although I’ve been a reader for a while…

    But it just makes me want to move to SLC;)

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