In the tradition of Sunstone Symposium’s “Why I Stay” and “Pillars of My Faith,” we have started a series called “Why I Am Mormon.” Through this medium we wish to share not only our own personal journeys, stories, experiences, and testimonies in regards to the Mormon faith, but yours as well.

Yes, We Have No Bananas!

And like that whimsical song of yesteryear, I not only have no bananas, I also have no blog article for this month.  I feel, however, that I owe an explanation to my faithful readers, so sit right back and you’ll hear a tale of my wrestle with the Lord. It is not like I didn’t try to have a blog ready this month.  In fact, I...

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Three Mormonisms

Introduction: Tensions in Utah It was early 2012, and Alain de Botton had just published Religion for Atheists, a book which asserts that everyone — even non-believers — should embrace the good features of religion, like community and service. When Religion for Atheists was published, de Botton assumed it wouldn’t have a...

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NARRATIVES By Seth Payne My interest in ex-Mormonism began in 2006 while I was a graduate student of Religious Studies at Yale Divinity School focusing on theological and political ethics.  At the time, I was going through my own faith struggle as I decided to face, head on, the many issues that call LDS Church claims into...

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Parenting, Childhood, and Separation

Nov 15, 13 Parenting, Childhood, and Separation

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An Australian working mother and BBC reporter, Madeleine Morris, is producing a series of short documentaries on childcare around the world. She’s asking, “Who’s left holding the baby?” She began with Australian nursery, or daycare. (Unfortunately, I can’t find a link to the podcast.) Her child goes to...

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Eighteen Years On

Nov 13, 13 Eighteen Years On

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This month marks the eighteenth anniversary of my baptism into The Church. For this post, I’ll be looking back at that time period to the ever-popular conversion story that all converts have and get asked about. So, I plan to start at the beginning… I have no recollection of a time when I did not believe in God; the existence of...

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The Sermon on the Mount in the Book of Mormon–Part 1

  When I was a missionary, it was customary to introduce the new investigator to the Book of Mormon by inviting them to read the appearance of the Savior to the Nephites in 3 Nephi 11.  I remember being concerned whenever this invitation was given that the investigator would continue reading into 3 Nephi 12-14 and realize that...

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Thoroughly Modern Book of Mormon

Thoroughly Modern Book of Mormon Having recently written a two-part article on the seemingly undeniable connections between the Book of Mormon and the ancient world, I thought it only fair to examine the flip side of the coin, and set forth evidence that the Book of Mormon is not an ancient, but a modern, composition. Like most...

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Why I Blog

Running this blog for the past year or so has been interesting to say the least. It has brought me a lot of joy – and pain – and I have grown in many different ways. Through this experience I have also been lucky to meet some amazingly intelligent and articulate people that I now like to call friends. It has been a wild ride! I...

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Baby Jesus and Bathwater

Recently I participated on a panel at the Sunstone Symposium. I volunteered because the panel had consisted only of men and the organizers needed at least one woman. Turns out, I was that woman. Jeff Burton, author of, For Those Who Wonder, chaired the session. You can read his Sunstone columns here.  Our panel discussion was...

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I Know the Church is True: Part 2

Aug 08, 13 I Know the Church is True: Part 2

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I Know the Church is True: Part 2 Click here to read Part 1 of this post. By Bob Dixon “I know the church is true”. This is a really dangerous phrase.  Why?  Because it appears to communicate truth, while in reality being completely subjective to the person hearing it.  It thus creates a misunderstanding between...

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