In the tradition of Sunstone Symposium’s “Why I Stay” and “Pillars of My Faith,” we have started a series called “Why I Am Mormon.” Through this medium we wish to share not only our own personal journeys, stories, experiences, and testimonies in regards to the Mormon faith, but yours as well.

By Goddess, I Will Not Be Left Behind!

by Michelle Wiener Recently I found out that Nicholas Cage will be starring in the remake of Left Behind to be released in theatres this October. This came as a total shock to me, considering what a great actor he is. I was equally appalled that he would even consider taking part in a B-grade evangelical film about – of all...

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Radical Compassion: I Am All In

In May of this year, Oregon became one of the avalanche of states to open up marriage to all couples. I had signed up for text alerts from a news service so I’d know right away and the message came at noon—gay couples who wanted to be married could go to the courthouse and get a wedding license that very day. Shortly...

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Humor: The Balm of Gilead, or the Bomb of Kill-ead?

I realized that I have been blogging for the good people at Rational Faiths for over a year now. It has been a wonderful exercise for me. I have been really grateful to the Barker brothers and other bloggers for their continual support of my writing, and for the platform to share humor with others.  I have wanted, for a while, to...

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Affirmation and the Gay Mormon Revival

There was a time when I utterly rejected the notion that it was possible to be gay and Mormon. I defined being Mormon as being a baptized member of the Church in good standing, and during the years I was coming of age, it was not uncommon for individuals to be excommunicated from the Church for the simple fact of acknowledging...

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Biblical Inerrancy and the Book of Mormon

Biblical Inerrancy and the Book of Mormon: Creating a Platform for LDS/Evangelical Dialogue by Michelle G. Wiener Question: Is there room for the Book of Mormon within the theological framework of “biblical inerrancy”? Recently the following paragraph from my essay “Two Lampstands: Two Branches” featured in Rational Faiths...

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Yes, We Have No Bananas!

And like that whimsical song of yesteryear, I not only have no bananas, I also have no blog article for this month.  I feel, however, that I owe an explanation to my faithful readers, so sit right back and you’ll hear a tale of my wrestle with the Lord. It is not like I didn’t try to have a blog ready this month.  In fact, I...

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Three Mormonisms

Introduction: Tensions in Utah It was early 2012, and Alain de Botton had just published Religion for Atheists, a book which asserts that everyone — even non-believers — should embrace the good features of religion, like community and service. When Religion for Atheists was published, de Botton assumed it wouldn’t have a...

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NARRATIVES By Seth Payne My interest in ex-Mormonism began in 2006 while I was a graduate student of Religious Studies at Yale Divinity School focusing on theological and political ethics.  At the time, I was going through my own faith struggle as I decided to face, head on, the many issues that call LDS Church claims into...

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Parenting, Childhood, and Separation

Nov 15, 13 Parenting, Childhood, and Separation

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An Australian working mother and BBC reporter, Madeleine Morris, is producing a series of short documentaries on childcare around the world. She’s asking, “Who’s left holding the baby?” She began with Australian nursery, or daycare. (Unfortunately, I can’t find a link to the podcast.) Her child goes to...

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Eighteen Years On

Nov 13, 13 Eighteen Years On

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This month marks the eighteenth anniversary of my baptism into The Church. For this post, I’ll be looking back at that time period to the ever-popular conversion story that all converts have and get asked about. So, I plan to start at the beginning… I have no recollection of a time when I did not believe in God; the existence of...

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