Defending the Family

Mar 16, 15 Defending the Family

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Meridian Magazine ( recently started a column inviting scholarly discussion of significant cultural and moral topics. More explicitly: Meridian EXPAND will be anxiously engaged in the good cause of defending core teachings of the Church concerning morality and the family, even though, indeed precisely because, these...

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46: The Effects of Excommunication on All of Us: Healing Perspectives

Feb 11, 15 46: The Effects of Excommunication on All of Us: Healing Perspectives

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The anticipated day has come. John Dehlin has been formally cut off from the LDS church. John has been an ambitious voice and organizer for those who have deep Mormon questions. He has provided a platform for many to share their stories and find people with common concerns and common goals. For some he has shown them how to save...

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Erosion of Religious Liberty?

Jan 29, 15 Erosion of Religious Liberty?

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When Alexis de Tocqueville visited the US, he observed that America was more religious than Europe and attributed it to the strong separation of church and state that existed in the US. It would seem that this division of church and state, this freedom of religion is currently being tested. This is of particular concern currently...

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26: General Conference Compressed

Have you ever wanted to cover 10 hours of material but only had one to give? Rational faiths has the solution for you with our conference response and review session. Listen in to the highs and lows of conference expressed through 5 individual conference “attendees.”...

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Recycling talks?

RECYCLING TALKS? by Geoffrey Nelson Those who google search things as they hear them (or have an excellent memory) may have noticed that President Monson’s priesthood session talk was primarily a retelling of a conference talk he gave in 1982, and his Sunday morning talk was a remix of one of his 1974 talks. This may be a...

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Israel-Palestine Conflict

Aug 04, 14 Israel-Palestine Conflict

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A voice is heard in Gaza mourning and great weeping Fatima weeping for her children refusing to be comforted because they are no more. Israel is committing a systematic incremental genocide. While this genocide is being brought to fruition Israel has severely limited and in many cases totally robbed Palestinians of their basic...

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Repurposing Sunday School

This post must begin by acknowledging the current events regarding the excommunication of Kate Kelly. Regardless of how you feel about the excommunication, we should all be mourning together. We should all be grieving. We should all follow our baptismal covenant to comfort each other and bear each other’s burdens. We need to...

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Letter to my Leaders: Kate Kelly, John Dehlin, and Me

Jun 20, 14 Letter to my Leaders: Kate Kelly, John Dehlin, and Me

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The following is an excerpt from a letter I sent to my ward and stake leaders after hearing the news about the possible disciplinary councils against Kate Kelly and John Dehlin. I’m only using the first letter of last names for people specifically mentioned. Dear Brothers: Almost two months ago, I met with Bishop B to discuss...

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005: Mormon Women’s Group Meets with LDS PR Department – A Chat w/Jerilyn Hassell Pool

May 26, 14 005: Mormon Women’s Group Meets with LDS PR Department – A Chat w/Jerilyn Hassell Pool

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After our chat with Jerilyn regarding her performing a marriage for a lesbian couple, we started chatting about a Salt Lake Tribune article in which it seems our Church’s PR department might have been a wee-bit duplicitous.  Click here to read the article. MORMON WOMEN’S GROUP MEETS WITH LDS PR DEPARTMENT – A CHAT...

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NOTE: This post was first published on December 6, 2013 on the blog, No More Strangers.   With Oregon’s ruling on gay marriage yesterday,me being an Oregonian, and one of my best friends (and fellow ward member), Jerilyn Hassell Pool, performing the first gay marriage in Jackson County, Oregon, I felt it was appropriate to...

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