Have You Had The Ordain Women Conversation?

Sep 02, 14 Have You Had The Ordain Women Conversation?

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On May 15th of this year, Ordain Women launched their Conversations project.  Throughout the summer, new segments were released that encouraged discussion about the issue of women’s ordination in the LDS church.  For anyone who is interested, these are a great tool for exploring the issues, concerns, and possibilities on this...

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Snakes Alive!

by Michelle Wiener I am thoroughly convinced that if Disney ever came out with their own version of the biblical creation story, the snake would come out swinging its hips and singing, “I ain’t so bad after all.” Recently my husband and I watched the new Noah movie starring Russell Crowe (*this blog post contains a spoiler...

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No Soup for You! Why Women Can’t Have the Priesthood

Jul 31, 14 No Soup for You! Why Women Can’t Have the Priesthood

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In the last General Conference, Elder Oaks gave a talk about the priesthood. During the priesthood session. To a group of men. Since then, many members of the church have claimed that his talk holds the answers to why women can’t have the priesthood. Now, whether or not the talk actually answers that question is debatable, but...

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_Never Let Me Go_ by Kazuo Ishiguro: An Analogy for How I Feel at Church

Never Let Me Go is a novel that follows the life of a group of kids in a boarding school.  It’s a weird school.  They don’t learn stuff.  They mostly just play around and do artwork. You eventually learn that these kids are actually clones, and they were created so that their organs could be harvested for transplants. The...

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Stop it! …No, seriously, stop it right now.

Jesus put it rather simply: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” To that simple injunction, he added a more specific warning: “With whatsoever measure ye mete, it shall be measured unto you.” Barreling through the King James English, that means, “Your own measuring stick will be used to measure...

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#Yes All Mormon Women Too

Jun 28, 14 #Yes All Mormon Women Too

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Neither the Ordain Women movement or that surrounding the #yesALLwomen hashtag had particularly struck home in my life. Ordainwomen’s request that priesthood leaders ask if women should be included in the priesthood seemed superfluous in a community where the inequality was so much more integral. I didn’t want priesthood, I...

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Letter to my Leaders: Kate Kelly, John Dehlin, and Me

Jun 20, 14 Letter to my Leaders: Kate Kelly, John Dehlin, and Me

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The following is an excerpt from a letter I sent to my ward and stake leaders after hearing the news about the possible disciplinary councils against Kate Kelly and John Dehlin. I’m only using the first letter of last names for people specifically mentioned. Dear Brothers: Almost two months ago, I met with Bishop B to discuss...

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If ye are not one

First Post          Previous Post          Next Post Author’s Note: Reviewing the revision history I found that this post was completed in essentially this finished form on April 2nd, prior to General Conference and to my other posts published since that time. My thoughts since April 2nd remain essentially...

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Being Courted Out of Mormonism; The Big Tent is Shrinking

On the evening of December 12th, 2013, my Bishop and his First Counselor came to my house and told me that they had set a date the following week for an official disciplinary council, the first step toward excommunication, for my advocating for the equality for women in the LDS church and supporting Ordain Women. I could attend the...

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Molotov Cocktails in Priesthood Meeting

  I. Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave a talk at the opening of the April 2014 General Conference Priesthood session titled The Keys and Authority of the Priesthood. I listened to it in real time knowing that, even as Elder Oaks was pronouncing his justification for women not being allowed to hold the priesthood, women were being...

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