President Brigham Young wrote that we must “struggle, wrestle and strive until the Lord bursts the veil and suffers us to behold his glory, or a portion of it.” Indeed, once the angel has departed, Jacob names the place of conflict “Peniel” or “the face of God”, and explains, “I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved” (Gen. 32:30).

Mormonism is a Lens

A religion is a lens by which an explorer attempts to see that which is heavenly, God. When I engage with Mormonism, with my lens, God appears more clearly to me and life becomes more meaningful. My lens is not perfect and I have no doubt that other lenses provide a similar experience. A specific lens, or lenses in general, may be...

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Dreams Wearing Garments…And Nothing Else

Aug 16, 14 Dreams Wearing Garments…And Nothing Else

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I’ve had a recurring dream where I’m in public wearing nothing but my underwear. Because I am an active, endowed Mormon, I wear garments. So in my dreams I’m wearing just my garments for everyone to see. In my dreams I’m embarrassed to be seen in my garments. Apparently dreams where the dreamer is exposed, either through...

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Tale of Two Chapels

How does change happen in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Should it be bottom-up or top-down? Here’s a little story about a big chapel. Can you guess where it is? It has a tall white steeple, twin peaked roofs, black grid windows, decorative arches, two-tone exterior paint. Inside, it has varnished wooden pews, a...

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Snakes Alive!

by Michelle Wiener I am thoroughly convinced that if Disney ever came out with their own version of the biblical creation story, the snake would come out swinging its hips and singing, “I ain’t so bad after all.” Recently my husband and I watched the new Noah movie starring Russell Crowe (*this blog post contains a spoiler...

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How Continuing Revelation Prevents Change in Mormonism

Continuing revelation is the foundation of Mormonism. It is one of the great differences between Mormonism and fundamentalist, “Bible-based” Christian churches. One might assume that having a belief in leaders who receive new revelation from God would push us into the forefront when it comes to progressive policies and doctrines...

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Of Sustaining, Dissent, and Missing Paradigms

  Guest Post- Matt Stearmer One of the most difficult tasks any believing individual will face is how to navigate the murky waters of faith and change at the exact same time. In the LDS church, how do we advocate for change while remaining faithful? I have turned to the scriptures, what my leaders have said, and personal...

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Ask EOR Part IV

You know what time it is. Time for the fourth installment of “Ask EOR”! The previous 3 installments can be found here here and here. I just want to remind you all that you can e-mail your questions to me at and I will do my very best to shed light on any and all Mormon (and Mormon adjacent) queries you might...

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Joseph: The Keystone of Canonizable Revelation

By my count Joseph Smith has added 868 pages to the LDS canon by means of the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. All other prophets since Joseph have accumulated a grand total of 13 pages by means of the Doctrine and Covenants and Official Declarations. Perhaps the drought of canonized...

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Exit, Voice, and Loyalty

Jun 23, 14 Exit, Voice, and Loyalty

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Like many I know, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks watching the World Cup. I am a loyal fan of Team USA. During that same time period, I’ve joined many other Mormons in reading official statements, opinions, interviews, articles, and Facebook posts dealing with the loyalty-based disciplinary actions initiated against...

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Who Is Allowed to Say What In Mormonism?

Jun 19, 14 Who Is Allowed to Say What In Mormonism?

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Much of the current debate within the LDS community, especially as pertaining to the possible excommunications of John Dehlin and Kate Kelly, stems from uncertainties about who is allowed to say what and where. In her book Toward a Civil Discourse Sharon Crowley uses Aristotle’s ideas of Oikos and Polis to discuss exactly this:...

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