“Questions are good. Doubt is not the opposite of faith, but absolute, antiseptic certainty is the opposite of faith.” (Phillip Barlow, professor and holder of the Leonard J. Arrington Chair of Mormon History and Culture at Utah State University, Mormon Matters podcast; episode 73, “And the survey says”)


MORMONAD:  THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT by Milayna Barker – age 12 Note: Soon after joining Young Women’s we were told that we were going to be making a video version of the Mormonads with the young men in our ward. I didn’t know what those were and so I asked my mom and dad.  They told me they were posters that the...

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The King James Bible in the Book of Moses, Part I

With the recent publication of David Bokovoy’s Authoring the Old Testament: Genesis-Deuteronomy, many have wondered to what extent the Bible has had influence on the Book of Moses. The discussion has mainly revolved around the parts of the text that are obvious revisions of the Genesis creation chapters (Genesis 1, 2-3) that...

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Living Scriptures

I went west seeking God. I wanted to knock at the door and made it known that I am seeking the greater light. A burning in my heart was the Spirit’s testimony that what I was doing was right for me. In a sea of people, and under a storm of hail and insults I walked. Singing my song unto the Lord, I waited. I approached the...

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For Our Daughter. Again.

Last October, I wrote a post about my wife’s involvement with Ordain Women and their initial appearance in the standby line at General Conference, requesting entry to the General Priesthood Session. It’s a short post, and you should read it for context here. For Our Daughter At the time, Danielle and I had not begun...

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What’s keeping us from becoming Gods?

Why aren’t we Gods, yet? The list of reasons I’m not a God is pretty long, but I want to approach it from a physical perspective rather than a moral one. To do so, I want to explain to you a bit about Robin Hanson’s Great Filter argument. In it he asks, what are our chances of ever leaving this planet and...

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The Stranger Started From Disguise: Circumstance and Divine Identity

Based on actual events. Shared with permission. I’ll never forget the morning I got that surprise knock at my door. I wondered who it would be, since the clock hadn’t even yet chimed nine o’clock. I opened the door, and there she stood on my porch, her hair wrapped up in a dark bandana, and her little pre-school aged son at...

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I, Apostate

I am an apostate. Or so I hear. It has recently come to my attention that certain members of my ward have taken to calling me an apostate, likely because of articles I have posted at Rational Faiths. It is hard for me to tell precisely what it is I may have said or written that causes others to view me as an apostate; largely...

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The Dangerous Doctrine of Christ

Saul of Tarsus was a devout Pharisaic Jew who was born a citizen of the Roman Empire. He spoke fluent Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and Aramaic. He was educated at the feet of Gamaliel, a revered doctor of the Law and the Prophets. Upon his conversion to Christianity, Saul, renamed Paul, became the single most influential preacher of...

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Introducing a Mormon Womanism

Mar 05, 14 Introducing a Mormon Womanism

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In Alice Walker’s text In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens, Walker identifies a term called womanism. The term itself is derived from the word “womanish” or opposite of “girlish” i.e. frivolous, irresponsible, not serious. Walker goes on in describing it as “a black feminist or feminist of color.” Since the book was...

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Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all

Feb 26, 14 Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all

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The ability to be introspective is a divine gift handed down to us. I try to take advantage as often as I can, checking myself here, mulling over my behavior there. Of course I am not nearly as successful as I should be with curbing my behavior considering I have myself figured out quite well. The ability and desire to be 100%...

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