“Questions are good. Doubt is not the opposite of faith, but absolute, antiseptic certainty is the opposite of faith.” (Phillip Barlow, professor and holder of the Leonard J. Arrington Chair of Mormon History and Culture at Utah State University, Mormon Matters podcast; episode 73, “And the survey says”)

In which my son almost dies and my world-view actually does.

I have four kids, all of them boys except for three.The youngest is Jones who is ten. Eight years ago, he drowned. July 6th, 2006, 11:20 a.m. We were visiting family in washington State and amid the cousins and uncles, breakfast and chatty aunts, Jones and his cousin Nate, who were both almost three, got into the backyard where the...

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Life interrupted

Aug 21, 14 Life interrupted

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Trigger Warning-death of a child As a pediatric neurologist I am called upon to witness more than my fair share of tragedy.  I have seen near drownings, child abuse, horrific brain infections that have left children devastated.  It is without a doubt the most heart wrenching, devastatingly difficult, soul killing part of my...

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A Circle, Unbroken

Aug 10, 14 A Circle, Unbroken

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Growing up, I vividly remember my family forming prayer circles whenever we’d gather as a large group. One by one, “the siblings” (my aunts, uncle and mother) within the circle would take the time to offer up a prayer of gratitude, strength or forgiveness. My aunt, Arthurenia often started the prayer, with her verses gradually...

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Snakes Alive!

by Michelle Wiener I am thoroughly convinced that if Disney ever came out with their own version of the biblical creation story, the snake would come out swinging its hips and singing, “I ain’t so bad after all.” Recently my husband and I watched the new Noah movie starring Russell Crowe (*this blog post contains a spoiler...

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Can you see what I’m saying?

Jul 22, 14 Can you see what I’m saying?

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I am an artist because I can’t not be one. The creative process is part of my personal identity. It’s also been a part of my family culture for generations. I understand the World through poetry, painting, and sculpture and I find expression for my own feelings and ideas as I create.   I know this is weird in a...

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Reason to Believe

When I was taking Wilfred Griggs and Alan Keele’s history of civilization class (The Pen and the Sword, for anyone else who might have taken it), I thought about the idea of formal arguments to prove the existence of God for the first time in my life. I tried, for a while, to construct a proof for myself based on Lehi’s...

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Of Sustaining, Dissent, and Missing Paradigms

  Guest Post- Matt Stearmer One of the most difficult tasks any believing individual will face is how to navigate the murky waters of faith and change at the exact same time. In the LDS church, how do we advocate for change while remaining faithful? I have turned to the scriptures, what my leaders have said, and personal...

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Ask EOR Part IV

You know what time it is. Time for the fourth installment of “Ask EOR”! The previous 3 installments can be found here here and here. I just want to remind you all that you can e-mail your questions to me at askeor.rf@gmail.com and I will do my very best to shed light on any and all Mormon (and Mormon adjacent) queries you might...

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If ye are not one

First Post          Previous Post          Next Post Author’s Note: Reviewing the revision history I found that this post was completed in essentially this finished form on April 2nd, prior to General Conference and to my other posts published since that time. My thoughts since April 2nd remain essentially...

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An Interview With RockStarr Ministries

I am extremely grateful to have had an opportunity to interview Laurin Crosson, the founder of RockStarr Ministries and discuss this incredibly important work. EOR: To start out with, for those who aren’t familiar with the important work you are doing why don’t you tell us a little bit about RockStarr Ministries (mission...

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