“Questions are good. Doubt is not the opposite of faith, but absolute, antiseptic certainty is the opposite of faith.” (Phillip Barlow, professor and holder of the Leonard J. Arrington Chair of Mormon History and Culture at Utah State University, Mormon Matters podcast; episode 73, “And the survey says”)

Spin is a Sin

I normally have multiple people edit the tone of my blog posts, but today I am going raw. This is the uncut, uncensored version straight out of my aching heart.I wrote a blog post titled: Christ is Not Leading a Petty Church. Today I want to talk about spinning. Being a parent has taught me a lot about spin, and how to stick to...

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Be ye therefore emotional

I was asked to do an “emotional kick off” for my relief society this week. I’d had my own emotional meltdown the night before giving my 20 minute workshop so I figured that made me a perfect candidate for teaching the concepts that I needed to use. And I felt a little bit like a hypocrite at the same time. So, as introverted...

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Two Crosses

It was not a friendship I would have expected– She, black. Me, not black. She, a PhD and now attending Divinity School. Me, not an academic. She, a woman. Me, a dork. But the friendship and the call came when I needed it most. She called as I was driving home one day shortly after the news had come. The news was shocking to...

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To Whom Are We Bound?

Jan 19, 15 To Whom Are We Bound?

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But now we are delivered from the law, that being dead wherein we were held; that we should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter. Romans 7:6 “To whom are we bound?” asked Dr. Wright. He looked to his left, then to his right. This question, in front of an audience of students, faculty and other members...

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The desolation of the middle

I have been told in the past that I am something of an empath. I think that may be part of what drove me to my career. A lot of empathetic people go into medicine. A lot of them have it stamped and squashed right out of them by the pressures of the job for which empathy is simply a drag. Empathy, the capacity to feel in some small...

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A Lack of Knowledge

by Michelle Wiener Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge: because thou has rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.” In this verse, Hosea is condemning the Northern Kingdom of Israel...

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Christ is Not Leading a Petty Church

There is a common cautionary tale I hear retold within Mormon circles. This tale goes something like this: Once upon a time the LDS Church was going to do something progressive, and amazing. However, these measures were abandoned when some person or group (often unknowingly) decided that they would engage the media regarding a...

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Christmas Wishing

As a new father, I have spent a lot of time thinking about how my daughter will experience Christmas. My own family was pretty light on holiday traditions. Honestly, there were a few years the lights never went up on the house and we didn’t get around to doing a tree. One year the lights just stayed on the house for the whole...

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The Answer to All the Hard Questions

Nov 20, 14 The Answer to All the Hard Questions

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“Some of the hardest questions come when what we believe is challenged by changing cultural fashions or by new information, sometimes misinformation, that critics of the Church confront us with. At such times, it may seem that our doctrinal or historical foundations are not as solid as we thought. We may be tempted to question...

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Eyes that I might see

”That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.” Doctrine and Covenants 50:24 The Optic Nerves are the two most important cranial nerves in the body. They account for 40% of all the sensory neurons in the...

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