We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression” (Articles of Faith 1:2).

Fumbling Through Fowler’s Phases.

Jun 23, 15 Fumbling Through Fowler’s Phases.

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I don’t think anyone can avoid searching for spirituality at some point in life. Religion may turn many people off the path and they may spend much of their lives and energy avoiding further contact, but there seems to be something built in that compels the quest. For those of us who are familiar with the pursuit, Fowler’s...

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Start a Foyer Sunday School in Your Ward

I love the scriptures as much as anyone, except for maybe Colby. I read the Old Testament in 40 days and 40 nights when I was in Seminary. The girls were so impressed I had three requests for the Sadie Hawkins dance that year. The look in my Seminary teacher’s eyes when I crossed off Malachi from my reading chart will always stay...

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Look Up and Be Healed!

In II Kings 18:4, King Hezekiah of the Southern Kingdom of Judah tears down the Brazen (Bronze) Serpent Moses had set up. This was in response to the rampant idol worship of the people. The Northern Kingdom of Israel had recently been carried away into captivity by Assyria, never to be heard from again. Assyria also posed an...

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Reality Schmeality

Apr 16, 15 Reality Schmeality

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Reality Schmeality The idea of multiple realities defined entirely by our circumstances was first discussed in the 60s by Peter Berger in his book, The Social Construction of Reality, which taught that every society, community, and even every family constructs its own understanding of what is true and real. As individuals, the only...

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Spoken of for a Memorial of Her

“Symbolic language conceals certain doctrinal truths from the wicked and thereby protects sacred things from possible ridicule. At the same time, symbols reveal truth to the spiritually alert.” (1) Women are not allowed to preside over the Sacrament; yet the Sacred Feminine is ever-present in the Sacrament itself. You just have to...

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Even in Brokenness There is Beauty

I work up close and personal with disability every day. When people found I was going into child neurology their first question was often, “why?” I often hear about how it’s too sad or too depressing. Fellow physicians struggle with the fact that there often isn’t anything we can do to fix many disorders of the brain such as severe...

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Lest They Be Converted: Mark’s Messianic Secret

While we are studying the New Testament in Gospel Doctrines; get ready! This is not your typical Gospel Doctrines lesson… While teaching a New Testament class last year at the community college where I work, I stumbled upon the following verse in Mark: “That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear,...

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Let It Go

It was the song heard round the world. Over and over and over and OVER again. And we’re still listening to it. As sick as I sometimes get of hearing it, it also never really gets old. I often find myself singing my Let It Go guts out in the car with my little girls. Why do we all love it so much? (Or I suppose some people...

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The Liberating Form of Government Intervention

Some Mormons who fall on the right of the political spectrum like to suggest that government intervention does nothing but restrict freedom. They argue that the government should provide national defense and little else on the grounds that anything more will limit freedoms. And I won’t disagree–much government...

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Lucifer’s Plan

Do you hate the devil because of his temptations and the evil he works in the world? Or do you hate him because people use him as a tool of fear and control, or as an excuse to not take responsibility for their own moral choices? Or do you simply think he doesn’t make theological or historical sense? I know I don’t...

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