In which my son almost dies and my world-view actually does.

I have four kids, all of them boys except for three.The youngest is Jones who is ten. Eight years ago, he drowned. July 6th, 2006, 11:20 a.m. We were visiting family in washington State and amid the cousins and uncles, breakfast and chatty aunts, Jones and his cousin Nate, who were both almost three, got into the backyard where the...

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Will a Real Mormon Theologian Please Stand Up?

Aug 25, 14 Will a Real Mormon Theologian Please Stand Up?

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  In the summer of 1865 the First Presidency issued a statement in the Deseret News condemning certain theological writings they considered to be so objectionable that they ordered copies of the works to be destroyed.  The volumes in question had been written by Orson Pratt, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and...

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4 Dead Dogs

Aug 22, 14 4 Dead Dogs

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I have always been a dog lover. I grew up in a dog family. In fact, we were a Lab family. We hunted ducks with, wrestled with, and slept with Labrador retrievers. Thinking of those big dopey dogs sauntering up to me with a stupid grin on their face, while dripping of water and saliva, and hoping for a sniff/lick/kiss or a dog-human...

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Life interrupted

Aug 21, 14 Life interrupted

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Trigger Warning-death of a child As a pediatric neurologist I am called upon to witness more than my fair share of tragedy.  I have seen near drownings, child abuse, horrific brain infections that have left children devastated.  It is without a doubt the most heart wrenching, devastatingly difficult, soul killing part of my...

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Marriage Privilege in a marriage-oriented Church

Aug 20, 14 Marriage Privilege in a marriage-oriented Church

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Approaching a conversation on privilege (particularly with the privileged parties) is always a tricky one. It is human nature; no one wants to feel like they haven’t gotten to where they are in life by the sweat of their own brow. An important part of privilege that requires addressing though is precisely the “nature” part of...

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Mormonism is a Lens

A religion is a lens by which an explorer attempts to see that which is heavenly, God. When I engage with Mormonism, with my lens, God appears more clearly to me and life becomes more meaningful. My lens is not perfect and I have no doubt that other lenses provide a similar experience. A specific lens, or lenses in general, may be...

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A God Is Born–Nature’s Plan of Salvation

Here is my Back to School gift for you to share with your kids (or parents) in Family Home Evening. Hopefully it adds some fun to the old Primary Plan of Salvation Diagram. I’ve provided links to documents you can download or print out yourselves, as posters or as figures to cut out and lay out on your living room floor as you...

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Dreams Wearing Garments…And Nothing Else

Aug 16, 14 Dreams Wearing Garments…And Nothing Else

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I’ve had a recurring dream where I’m in public wearing nothing but my underwear. Because I am an active, endowed Mormon, I wear garments. So in my dreams I’m wearing just my garments for everyone to see. In my dreams I’m embarrassed to be seen in my garments. Apparently dreams where the dreamer is exposed, either through...

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The Word of Wisdom: We are Doing it All Wrong

Aug 13, 14 The Word of Wisdom: We are Doing it All Wrong

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A couple of years ago I wrote a series of posts about revelation, specifically about revelation or inspiration received through a human filter. Part of the series was a three-part post in which I dissected the Word of Wisdom (through my own filter, obviously). You can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.  In those posts...

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17: Darius Gray and The Priesthood/Temple Ban

Aug 11, 14 17: Darius Gray and The Priesthood/Temple Ban

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I was lucky enough to hear Darius speak this past winter at BYU. In his presentation he went over the new Gospel Topics “Race and the Priesthood”.  It was very interesting to hear his point of view and also the process of how this article was produced from a person that was involved and featured in this article. Have a...

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