The Gift of Truth

Apr 19, 15 The Gift of Truth

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  “THE GIFT OF TRUTH EXCELS ALL GIFTS.” Peter Santina: “Faith knowledge & Truth” Broadly speaking there are three kinds of truth: 1) Definitional truth; All Bachelors are single men because that is how we define the word. 2) Logical truth; 2+2=4 and only 4 because reason requires it, and 3) Experimental truth;...

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Reality Schmeality

Apr 16, 15 Reality Schmeality

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Reality Schmeality The idea of multiple realities defined entirely by our circumstances was first discussed in the 60s by Peter Berger in his book, The Social Construction of Reality, which taught that every society, community, and even every family constructs its own understanding of what is true and real. As individuals, the only...

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Good evening.   Tonight’s episode features a walk through the Mormon History Department.  In a corner of the Department is a closet crammed with skeletons. One of the largest and most shiver-inducing of these is the Adam God skeleton. During this program, we will open the closet door and allow this creaky specimen out...

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Wandering and Choosing

I lost my best friend in Mexico. My best friend who makes a yearly pilgrimage to visit in my exile landed in a plane four hours away from me and I had no way to get a hold of her. Her American cellphone would not work in Mexican soil, and I was a mess. I called the airport every 30 minutes, asked for her to be called on the...

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Testimony, Spiritual Experiences, and Truth: A Careful Examination

Apr 12, 15 Testimony, Spiritual Experiences, and Truth: A Careful Examination

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Introduction Do spiritual impressions teach truth? What’s behind a spiritual experience? Testimony, bias, and propaganda Circularities: pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps? Conclusions 1 Introduction 1.1 Know the truth of all things The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints teaches that the Holy Ghost is central to...

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“God Will Provide Himself A Lamb” (An Easter Sermon)

(First, a note on hermeneutics. I make no attempt here to claim authorial intent; in fact, far from authorial intent, I think that any Christianization of the story of Abraham’s sacrifice of Isaac cannot be what the author(s) intended. Rather, this should be read in Nephi’s spirit of likening the scriptures–that...

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I Didn’t Watch General Conference

As a Rational Faiths permablogger I have an assigned date each month for my blog. On this month my assigned date is three days after General Conference. So I knew going in that I would need to watch Conference to have something to write about for my post this month. Based on what I saw I could pick my topic accordingly: what was...

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Mob Rule in Provo

This last January a young BYU student living at The Village apartments, Andrew David White, confided a secret in his roommates: he experiences same-gender attraction. A few days later, his roommates told him that he had no place at BYU. They directed him to leave the premises immediately. White refused and went to his room. His...

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Spoken of for a Memorial of Her

“Symbolic language conceals certain doctrinal truths from the wicked and thereby protects sacred things from possible ridicule. At the same time, symbols reveal truth to the spiritually alert.” (1) Women are not allowed to preside over the Sacrament; yet the Sacred Feminine is ever-present in the Sacrament itself. You just have to...

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Mormonism and the Regeneration of All Things

Mar 27, 15 Mormonism and the Regeneration of All Things

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I’m a big fan of Dr. Who. Yes, big surprise. The nerdy guy likes Dr. Who. I have considered writing out my thoughts of the similarities between Dr. Who and the so-called limited God of Mormonism. However, that will need to wait until another day. Right now I’d like to solicit your help in doing some Dr. Who/Mormonism...

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