An Insider’s View–a personal review

An Insider’s View of Mormon Origins by Grant Palmer is two important things. First, it is an accessible account of a large number of often unfamiliar historical facts regarding the foundational stories of Mormonism. These include difficulties in understanding what Joseph Smith meant when he said he ‘translated’ ancient...

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We Brought All The Wrong Things

My name is Allison Jensen, I am currently completing my undergrad degree in the English Honours program at the University of Calgary; I’m going to be doing a Master’s in Contemporary Literary Studies at Lancaster University in the Fall and can hardly contain my nerdy excitement.  Paul has asked me quite a few times to...

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Mormonism in Transition

A review of Mormonism in Transition, available through Greg Kofford Books. If you want to skip to the quotes, click here. During the ‘Camelot Era’ of Leonard Arrington the church history department had plans to release a series of Mormon history for the church’s sesquicentennial. It was to be a 16 volume series on...

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Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, Volume 2: History – A Book Review

NOTE: This is a review of only Volume 2.   To read my review of Volume 1, click here. Joseph Smith’s Polygamy, Volume 2: History  -  A Book Review “We obeyed [the command to practice plural marriage] the best we knew how, and, no doubt, made many crooked paths in our ignorance.” Amasa M. Lyman With the recent...

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Requiem for an Apostate

Requiem for an Apostate A Review of “Passing the Heavenly Gift,” by Denver C. Snuffer, Jr. Denver Snuffer, Jr. was excommunicated in September of 2013 for “apostasy.”  The reason for his excommunication was his publication of a book titled, “Passing the Heavenly Gift,” his popular lectures on the subject of the book,...

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Letters to a Young Mormon: A Review

Jan 08, 14 Letters to a Young Mormon: A Review

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Title: Letters to a Young Mormon Author: Adam S. Miller Page Count: 78 pages Publisher: Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, Living Faith Series ISBN: 9780842528566 You may purchase a copy of this book here Honestly, there is no proper way to review this book. I have tried out several angles and every single one has...

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Common Ground-Different Opinions: Latter-day Saints and Contemporary Issues

Common Ground, Different Opinions As the LDS Church grows and continues to spread across the world our “common ground” grows in some measure, but we simultaneously encounter a growing body of “different opinions”.  The book “Common Ground, Different Opinions” (CGDO) is an attempt to take our shared doctrinal foundation...

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Black Mormon: The Story of Elijah Ables

BLACK MORMON: The Story of Elijah Ables The book Black Mormon follows the life story of Elijah Ables, a prominent and part African American member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Ables was converted to the Mormon faith during the early years of the Church. It was a tumultuous time for both the Mormon Church and...

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A Year of Biblical Womanhood: A Book Review

I can’t stop talking about evangelical writer and blogger Rachel Held Evans and her book A Year of Biblical Womanhood. Seriously, if you consider yourself a close personal friend and I haven’t mentioned this book to you, you need to re-evaluate our relationship. For those unfamiliar with Evans, she spends a year trying to follow...

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Banishing the Cross

Oct 22, 13 Banishing the Cross

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Almost every argument that Mormons have used to justify their opposition to the cross (i.e. the symbol being pagan, Catholic, an idol, an instrument of torture, a symbol of death, the Mark of the Beast, or simply too much in vogue) was promoted by Protestants long before the cross taboo emerged in Mormon culture. Consider the...

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