29: Steve Peck The Author

Come meet Steve Peck. He is a Professor of Biology at BYU teaching courses in bioethics and researching evolutionary biology from several different dimensions. In addition to his academic work Steve writes. He writes a lot. The works that we discuss with Steve in this episode include the award winning The Scholar of Moab, the...

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Book Review: Ezra and Hadassah: A Portrait of American Royalty

Ezra and Hadassah: A Portrait of American Royalty is the gripping account of author Heather Young’s tumultuous childhood at the abusive hands of those into whose care she was entrusted, both her foster and Latter-day Saint adoptive parents. With remarkable courage, wit, and honesty, Heather tells of how she and her special-needs...

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“The Crucible of Doubt” by Fiona and Terryl Givens

I remember being taught as a young public relations student at BYU-Idaho that one of the keys to dealing with reporters and their probing questions – ever searching for a soundbyte they can lead their story with – is to, instead of finding the best answer to the question, examine and even reject the premise of the question. I...

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Wilford Woodruff’s Witness

3 sentence summary of the review: Wilford Woodruff’s Witness: The Development of Temple Doctrine recounts Wilford’s life and his account/view of the development of the Temple using as frequently as possible his own words. Looking at Woodruff, the temple, and church policy/development as an interdependent triad is...

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Book Review:_Touching His Robe_ by Leslie G. Nelson

Touching His Robe: Reaching Past the Shame and Anger of Abuse by Leslie G. Nelson focuses on the path back to peace and a relationship to Christ, after suffering abuse.  First and foremost the book—and probably this post—should come with a big fat trigger warning.  I think Nelson actually does a pretty good job of addressing...

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American Crucifixion

For those too busy (lazy; often both in my case) to read this whole thing: the book is great; it reads more like a novel than a dry history book; it’s fair in its treatment of history although it sacrificed historical nuances (Mormons and “Mormon-haters” are each likely to find interpretations they disagree with)...

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009: Interview w/Author Adam Miller

Jun 10, 14 009: Interview w/Author Adam Miller

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An interview with Adam Miller, author of “Letters to a Young Mormon,” in which we discuss aspects of faith that are deeper and broader than we often think. We covered gospel principles such as grace and charity, which we often give lip service to but do not necessarily think of how we ignore or implement them in our times of...

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Common Ground Different Opinions

“Common Ground Different Opinions” is a collection of essays dealing with contemporary Latter Day Saint issues. I received my copy of the book shortly after April General Conference. It was a time when raw emotion fueled heated discussions on everything from the ordination of women to fallen prophets. That weekend was for me...

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AUTHORING THE OLD TESTAMENT: GENISIS-DEUTERONOMY – A BOOK REVIEW by Michael Barker I’m not sure when I first learned of the documentary hypothesis, but I do remember when I first heard that Dr. David Bokovoy was working on a book that would introduce the documentary hypothesis to an LDS audience. It was during a Mormon...

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A Review of Diary Of Two Mad Black Mormons

May 07, 14 A Review of Diary Of Two Mad Black Mormons

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Title: Diary Of Two Mad Black Mormons Authors: Zandra Vranes and Tamu Smith Page Count: 240 Publisher: Ensign Peak IBSN: 160907839X The last book I saw with “black” and “Mormon” in the title came in the form of Last Laborer: Thoughts and Reflections Of A Black Mormon, randomly (or cleverly) placed on a table outside the...

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