Heidi Doggett

Heidi Doggett graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater and a minor in Anthropology. She dedicates much of her time to research and writing on the women's topics and the LDS church, as well as running her blog No Dead Beetles and leading forums and workshops to discuss parenting and life balance issues. She lives in California with her spouse and two children.

I’m Remaking Christmas

Dec 13, 13 I’m Remaking Christmas

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I’d love to love Christmas again. As a kid I’d play around the tree for hours. Impressions of ivory twinkle lights glinting off my mother’s extensive collection of antique colored glass ornaments–and of accidentally smashing several–are among the most potent of my childhood. The musty scent of popcorn...

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A Mormon Frontier: Some Words of Wisdom on Resistant Bacteria

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have been in the spotlight lately. Resistant hepatitis and salmonella, MRSA, and more have been making headlines as they pop up around the world with increasing frequency due to our overuse of antibiotics on humans and livestock. The Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization have issued...

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Knocking at the Tabernacle Door: Waiting in Line with Ordain Women

I really did not expect to be waiting in the standby line for Priesthood Session. When Ordain Women came out with their website, I felt no call to join them. Quite the opposite, in fact. I wished Kate Kelly had waited, and given people like me more chance to share the history of women giving blessings in the early church and being...

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“Parallel” Conference Sessions? Fox News, A Press Release, and the Dictionary

Sep 25, 13 “Parallel” Conference Sessions? Fox News, A Press Release, and the Dictionary

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So, it looks like Fox News has picked up yesterday’s press releases on the church’s decisions to both broadcast priesthood session live for the first time and deny entry to the women who will be standing at the door asking for admission. “Male-only Conference Session to be Broadcast Live for the First Time.” It won’t be the first...

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Tattling in Zion: Shall we Mend or Shall We Falter?

A few months back, a faithful friend had someone in her ward report her to the bishop for swearing on Facebook. It started to pick up around Wear Pants to Church Day; possibly because the event gave many Mormons a reason to start sharing their more unorthodox opinions openly with friends and family online.  A woman reported a...

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Depression Is Not A Spiritual Problem

Aug 09, 13 Depression Is Not A Spiritual Problem

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Huddled in the corner, using the glow of my laptop to shield myself from a filthy kitchen and a baby I didn’t know what to do with, I saw myself as a failure before God. I had been taught all my life that mothering would come to me naturally, just because I was a woman. I had been taught it was the most important thing, the most...

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Who Does God Obey?

Jul 12, 13 Who Does God Obey?

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I wrote a painful post using a horrible, hackneyed metaphor about God as an artist. Now it is gone, thank goodness, and instead I just want to ask a few questions. In Doctrine and Covenants, God says, “It is not meet that I should command in all things.” Joseph Smith said, “I teach the people correct principles and let them govern...

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Our Own Tent: Girls’ Camp, Losing my Pants, and Finding my Truth

Jun 18, 13 Our Own Tent: Girls’ Camp, Losing my Pants, and Finding my Truth

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It sounds so zen: losing my pants helped me find myself. I felt guilty, zipped snug inside my tent wearing a short thin nightgown, with the lack of covering for my bottom half bringing such a reprieve. You see, due to a forgotten suitcase and an incident with the lake and a zip-line, the one pair of jeans I’d brought to girls’ camp...

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Strengthening the Family

May 24, 13 Strengthening the Family

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Let’s talk history for a minute. Family history. Or rather, the history of families. Throughout most of history, any mother wealthy enough to dedicate all her time to raising her children hired other people to do it for her. Many parents, both rich and poor, would send their children away at a young age to be apprenticed or work as...

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My Hosanna

Mar 30, 13 My Hosanna

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Why couldn’t God forgive us without Christ’s Atonement?   Is God so inhuman, His experience so far different from our own, that Jesus was required to learn humanity and experience the weight of our sins in order to inform Him of the need for mercy? How is it just or merciful to require that one person suffer tremendously in...

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