Cathy Barker

Born and raised in Oregon, Cathy now lives in Southern Oregon with her husband and two girls. She works as a dental hygienist. She loves spending time with her family and enjoying the outdoors.

Why I Wore Pants on Sunday: OFF WITH THE PANTS!!!!

Dec 16, 12 Why I Wore Pants on Sunday:    OFF WITH THE PANTS!!!!

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As many of you may know, Sunday, December 14th was deemed “Wear Pants Sunday” by a group of Mormon Feminists.  It began as an invitation for women to wear pants, and men to wear purple, in support of gender equality within the church.  It was not meant as a protest or a publicity stunt, but simply a way to show...

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Abercrombie & What the FITCH?!?

Dear Friends, This past Saturday the LDS-owned Deseret News published a partial list of the retailers that will be in the controversial LDS-owned City Creek Mall.  Property Reserve, the LDS Church’s commercial real-estate arm, has funded the multi-billion dollar project. This company functions like the LDS Foundation, which gets...

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