Camille grew up all over the country. She calls Oklahoma and Wyoming her home places. She received her education at Ricks College and the University of Wyoming where she earned her BS in Mathematics. She currently lives in Castle Rock, CO.

Infertility: Sometimes it hurts to be a Mormon.

Jan 29, 14 Infertility: Sometimes it hurts to be a Mormon.

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As Mormons we are so focused on families. It’s really a kind of beautiful thing. Children are wonderful. Families are wonderful. However this purpose becomes so singular it doesn’t always leave room for any deviation from the ideal picture. As a woman motherhood is our purpose. It is our reason for existing. We come to this earth to be righteous and to raise children unto the Lord. It is our primary goal. We are to multiply and replenish the earth! Fatherhood is extremely important too but I’m a woman – so this is my perspective and experience. LDS men are generally given more reasons for living than a woman’s divine right to/gift of motherhood. They are prepared for life, manhood, working and being a breadwinner but not just being a father. Growing up we learn songs like this: Listen. We need to be on the same page. I’ll wait here….. Just in case you’re somewhere you can’t listen to a video the lyrics are here. So you grow up in this climate. You listen to songs like that all through childhood. You hear and read statements released by the church like: Children are one of the greatest blessings in life, and their birth into loving and nurturing families is central to God’s purposes for humanity. When husband and wife are physically able, they have the privilege and responsibility to bring children into the world and to nurture them. The decision of how many children to have and when to have them is a private matter for the husband and wife. and Children are one of the greatest blessings in life, and their birth into loving and nurturing families is central to God’s purposes for humanity. Those who are physically able have the blessing, joy, and obligation to bear children and to raise a family. This blessing should not be postponed for selfish reasons. That’s what I did. I grew up in this culture. I got married at 21. This is early by normal standards...

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The District – Episode 3

Dec 26, 12 The District – Episode 3

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The District Number One Click here to watch episode 3 of The District Click here to listen to the Mormon Expositor podcast’s review of this episode.   This episode seemed somehow shorter than the others. Or maybe it just didn’t push any buttons for me? We learn a little more about Elder Moreno and his choice to serve a mission. He says that he had the classic, happy childhood. His grandfather is funny. He says “He was a real good kid… when he was sleeping.” HA! Aren’t they all? It sounds like as a teenager he was a handful and a soccer loving athlete. As he was trying to decide if he should serve a mission, he had a very sweet experience with a friend his age, Ronnie. They were just sitting in the car talking about the death of Ronnie’s grandmother. This experience helped him to gain his own testimony and decide to serve a mission. My favorite part of the interview with Elder Moreno was when he says “sometimes it’s just hot. and you’re just tired”. I love a little realism. The bulk of the episode deals with an investigator named German (hair-MAHN). His grandfather, who is deceased, was LDS but his mother was not so he had not previously been introduced to the gospel. He is beyond excited to meet the missionaries and says he’s been waiting for this kind of message all his life and that he just “feels happy whenever they are there”. He readily accepts baptism and they show other discussions with him. The main hilarity takes places during the (*drum roll please*) chastity discussion. Oh Glory it’s hysterical. Just before the discussion the missionaries are digging through their trunk looking for the pamphlet about chastity. They can’t find it and finally they give up and decide to wing the discussion. Epic Mistake. They are entirely too vague. Speed ahead to the next discussion and poor German has a confession to make. He was tempted to break the...

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BYU TV – The District: Episode II

Dec 11, 12 BYU TV – The District:   Episode II

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  The District Brothers and Sisters A few missionaries struggle to find someone to teach. The Sisters try to help a family decide on baptism, but when tragedy strikes at home, Sister Voyles has to decide if she should stay or go home. Click here to watch episode II of The District Click here to listen to the Mormon Expositor podcast’s review of this episode. Poor Sister Voyles. That was painful to watch. Sister Voyles had a younger brother. He was born with some health issues and physical defects. The family knew that he would not have a long life from the beginning – He had four holes in his heart and no pulmonary artery. Sister Voyles was incredibly close to her brother. One of his physical defects was a soft palate and Sister Voyles was the only one who understood him as a child. She was his translator. I can’t imagine how connected just that alone made the two of them as children. They show several family pictures and talk about how in all of them Sister Voyles is looking at David. She was sort of centered on him. So she gets the news that David has died and is then faced with the choice about whether to stay or go home. I’m going to come back to that topic but first the rest of the episode…. They continue to work with two of the same investigators and a part member family. The family was really a joy to watch. I enjoyed them very much. I will freely admit when the mom was getting ready to go into the baptismal font and she started to cry… Ya. So did I. I love to see people happy. She was feeling some powerful emotions and I couldn’t let her cry all alone now could I?? I also loved the “one year later” update when they went as a family to the temple to be sealed. I love seeing happy, joyful people! I did feel like...

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The District, Episode 1: A Review

Nov 21, 12 The District, Episode 1: A Review

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The District – Episode 1 In the great tradition of Utah-Mormonism seeing something successful and then ripping off the idea (insert Mod-bod clothing, trampoline fun-houses, etc), we at  have decided to mimic The Mormon Expositor podcast’s weekly review of BYU Tv’s “The District”.    We contacated the perfect person to do our weekly reviews, Camille Howe.   Ooh you are going to love her. Click here to watch Episode 1 on-line “Go inside the life of LDS missionaries in an unscripted, actor-less documentary that follows eight Elders and Sisters serving in San Diego, California.” My first thoughts as I read about the premise of this show centered on: Who thought this was a good idea!?!? But let us begin anyway… I will hope that the choice of setting for this show – San Diego, California, was chosen for ease of filming because of the temperate weather. However, it pains me that it’s not an accurate description of many missions. Missions are hard work. Missions take place in uncomfortable climates, homes – and frequently in poverty conditions. They are HARD.  To be fair, this is the first episode so perhaps that will change.  Not that I’m wishing harm on this set of missionaries but seriously! Did I really just see scenes of surfing to open the show?  I tried to find a “cast” list of the people on the show but they don’t have it on the website. It doesn’t seem to exist so I went back and wrote their names down and made a few notes: Elder Bott (Utah) – hard worker, eating hobby, likes the outdoors Elder Hepworth (Idaho) – funny, laughing, self-described as immature Elder Tuituu (Guam) – works hard, positive Elder Murray (Utah) – positive, excited Sister Voyles (Mississippi) – big hearted, loves everyone Sister Zadivar (Utah; born in Argentina) – compassionate, amazing Elder Christiansen (Florida) – knows how to listen, to focus in on the investigator and understand what they are saying Elder Moreno (Utah) – Bold, goofy, focused How’s that...

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